Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What If They Throw An Election And No One Comes?

I'm marking time until the results are in tonight and the speeches have been made. I've certainly turned into a junkie.

I see Hillary is still being coy and playing word games. I'm still uncomfortable about the scenario that lurks in the wings. So I'll offer up a few thoughts while waiting.

Did Obama make some judgemental errors by not working harder in West Virginia, Kentucky and Puerto Rico? It has given Hillary a run of wins and the likelihood of winning South Dakota tonight. It adds credence to her argument.

Should Obama offer the vice presidency to Hillary? Neither she nor her people should demand it. There is no grace in that. If he does I hope there is some sort of agreement that the position is not a twofer and Bill is not welcome. Lot's of luck.

Should Obama help pay off Hillary's campaign debts? Dangerous territory. I know if I had scraped together $50 or $100 several times over to contribute to his war chest, I'd not like to see it going to Hillary, no matter what the circumstances. Besides, why should second place make demands of first place?

Is Hillary's real intention to so weaken Obama he can't win? We don't know at this point. The same could apply to her. Has she weakened herself to the point voters who might have supported her might turn away in disgust. Just as Obama needs many of those who are her fervent supporters, she too needs those who are his.

McCain is less than inspiring. Being his turn is not enough for me to vote for him. His grasp of the issues is disheartening and his condescending comments aimed at Obama are anything but presidential. Obama is not naive. After all, at 47 he is within hours of getting the Democratic nod. How long has John McCain taken to find a field weak enough to make him look good by comparison?

Depending on how things shake out between now and the conventions, we could go from record numbers of new and enthusiastic participants in the political process back to the "ho hum" business of old.

There could actually be record low turnouts. Anyone want to make a wager which it will be?


Anonymous said...

HH and her people are already demanding the VP position. Here we have Sen. Obama, who has just finished an incredible journey to the nomination. Tonight he should be savoring this amazing victory. He should be the center of all the commentaries and all eyes should be on him. But what is actually happening??? Hillary has announced that she wants the VP nomination and thus, has made herself the topic of conversation. To say nothing of political blackmail. I'll not release my delegates. They are my wedge into the VP spot. Nevermind that there is a process....Hillary wants to be VP and in her usual egotistical narcissistic arrogant way, that is the reason it should be offerred to her. Nauseating!!! CU

Word Tosser said...

I remember the good old days when VP's were chosen in the back room of the Convention Hall....