Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Does Anyone Really Care?

Well, one of the Baldwin boys is at it again! Threatening to leave the country if (fill in the blank) is elected! This time it's Stephen talking with Laura Ingraham about Obama. Don't you just love it? They never seem to actually go!

One of the great things about blogging is that it can be a cathartic outlet for pent up passions. Heaven knows I use my blog in that manner. Probably more than I should.

What's even better, however, is that we can do this and know we don't have to leave the country for saying what we do. Granted, there are a lot of places Mr. Baldwin can go, but he'd best research his choice.

Though the current administration has been one of the least stellar in recent history when it comes to stripping us of our Constitutional rights, the actions are nothing that cannot be reversed when sanity returns to the White House.

That being said, no matter who wins the Presidency, I'll not be going anywhere. I will still be proud to be an American. I don't know. It's like a family thing when you're ticked off at someone and state you love them but at the moment don't like them very much. So it is with citizenry and our relationship with our government.

So go on you way, Mr. Baldwin, and take all the like minded naysayers with you. I defy you to find a place where you have it as good as you have it here.

With all the hoo ha about patriotism being bandied about regarding the candidates and their spouses, I've yet to hear one state they'd leave the country if (fill in the blank) is elected. Like any relationship, there is good and bad, ups and downs. Hub and I have had our share and will probably have some more, however, having been together longer than our ages when we married we'd no sooner leave one another than we would our country.


Idaho Escapee said...

I'll also be a steadfast, loyal and materialistic U.S. Citizen no matter who wins the Prezzidency, although if Obama and Hillary are on the same ticket, I might consider ceceding!

Idaho Escapee said...


Dogwalkmusings said...

Might as well stay put! Homeland Security has made us prisoners in our own land!

raymond pert said...

Let's see.

Ingraham asks a celebrity, Stephen Baldwin, to explain why we should listen to celebrities' political points of view.

Baldwin, the celebrity, says there is no reason why we should care what celebrities say.

So what happens when a celebrity opines that we shouldn't give a rip what celebrities say?

I'm stumped.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Me thinks you're only supposed to listen to celebrities who who agree with whoever is conducting the interview; in this case Ingraham. Funny, Susan Sarandon and her ilk always used to be the ones on the outside looking in. Now they are the "A" list! I'm not sure Baldwin is even on a list.

Well, he might be but I won't go there...

Word Tosser said...

Considering Mr. Baldwin's actions over the past 20 years...maybe the USA would be better off, if he did leave... but I doubt he would go.. the prison else where are not so leniet, as they have been to him here.

Anonymous said...

These celebrities are legends in their own minds. Who selects their candidate by what some celebrity clod has to say. And Stephen Baldwin???? He is, at best, way down on the Z list. This being said, I wish they would leave. I'm still waiting for Jeannine (?sp) Garofolo to leave. Bush is almost out of office and still she remains. CU