Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fool's Gold?

Ah, yes, the Golden Mic of the EIB Network. EIB - excellence in broadcasting. Right.

Imagine Rush Limbaugh signing a $400,000,000 contract to continue spouting partial truths and condescension about all people and things Liberal. With money like this it's no wonder some of his ilk are referred to as shock jocks! The shock is that any media outlet using "news" in its name has the gall to shell out this kind of money for this caliber of commentary.

I decided maybe there should be an award for the most egregious. There already is a Golden Mic Award so I'll call mine the Iron Pyrite Award to be awarded to talk show hosts and media writers who are the most mean spirited, truth challenged and just plain wacked out. There are a bunch of them.

Let's see. I'll give Don Imus a partial pass because of the good works he does for kids at his New Mexico Ranch. Howard Stern comes to mind. Rush, of course. Bill O'Reilly and most of the Fox News crowd. Michael Savage. Laura Ingraham. Randi Rhodes, to but scratch the surface.

I'm beginning to think I may have some latent socialist leanings. Some sort of equalization of the wealth. I just think of what good the amount of money in these combined salaries could do in the real world. While newspapers flounder, tabloids flourish. Reporters are on tight budgets while talking heads run amok. News has morphed into entertainment. Bad entertainment at that.

Politics seems to be all about money. If it's not obscene amounts going into campaigns, it's about obscene amounts spent by lobbyists. The media is all about money. News doesn't sell, sensationalism does.

You know we, the consumers, are in trouble if you've been watching the Mudochization of the Wall Street Journal. It's all about money.

What's frighteneing is what it is that all this money is buying - and what in turn is being sold to us!

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There is some woman name Monica who takes Laura's place when she is on vacation.. she is worse..can you believe it.. than Laura..