Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Had To Laugh But I Wanted To Cry!

I visited yet another doctor yesterday in my quest to find out what's wrong with my back/hip. This time an orthopedic surgeon. There was a sign above the receptionist's desk that read: Be Nice or Leave.

I had to laugh though I was hardly in the mood. Three years have passed since I've noticed what appears to be a swelling on my hip. When pain developed I went to the doctor. Oh, probably bursitis. X-ray. Arthritis in my lower back was probably causing the pain. Physical therapy. Nothing.

That round of medicare ran out. Then an auto accident. Acupuncture. Nothing. Back to physical therapy. Nothing. That insurance ran its course.

Back to the Doctor. Another x-ray. Same thing. Arthritis. Dope up on Aleve. Didn't touch the pain. Back to the Doctor. Muscle spasms. What about the hip? Muscle spasms. Stronger pain meds and muscle relaxants. Nothing. Back to the doctor. An MRI. Same result. Back to physical therapy.

We looked at each other. "I don't think there's anything you can do for me. The pain in my hip hasn't been dented after all of this."

"Hmmm. You've been talking about that hip all along."


Report goes to the Doctor recommending I see an orthopedist and maybe get a steroid injection. Or at least see what the lump is all about. I call the doctors office. Did you get the report? Let me check. Yes. Has anyone read it? No. I'll have the nurse call you.

Nurse calls. Have you read it? No. It's in your file though. Will you please read it and show it to the doctor? I'll call you back.

Yesterday. Orthopedic surgeon. It's probably a lipoma pressing on the bursa. Let's do an MRI. This time on the HIP! Hello?

Today. MRI. The second one in a month. Next week follow up for results and treatment options. Probably surgery to remove the lipoma and bursa. Sigh.

By the way, all that physical therapy may have aggravated the problem.

You wonder why insurance rates are so high and medicare is nearly broke? Hub, who isn't into dealing with what he deems my hypochrondia, assured me I'm not going to die.

Probably not, though I wonder how many do in the "process"!

But I'll be nice. Or leave.


JeanC said...

Fingers crossed they finally figure out what is wrong and can fix it. Been round and around with hubby's health problems and now mine and I wish we had a better health system that isn't hurry up and wait :P

Word Tosser said...

"Have you read it? No. It's in your file though."

What the hell is with that? Sorry.. didn't mean to cuss, but that kind of attitude makes an angel cuss.. What were they keeping it for..prospeity? Isn't that why they send it to the Dr. to have him read it? Not to file it. geesh, and they wonder why people get so ticked off.

Betty said...

Our healthcare system should be much better than it is. You shouldn't have to see several different doctors and have several MRIs (on the wrong part of the body, at that) to get the diagnosis you got. Doctors just don't listen any more.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Jeanc - you hit the key word - "fix it"! I'll be spending a few more anxious days until I meet with the orthopedic doctor again on Wednesday.

Wordtosser - I couldn't believe it hadn't been read either. I must remember though, be nice. Honey does better than vinegar.

Betty - I would have thought the MRI of the back would have covered the hip too. What I don't get is the just keep popping the pills attitude. Whet the heck does that solve? Especially when you know they'll cut you off because they're addicitive! be continued.

Idaho Escapee said...

Just a you have a leg-length imbalance? I have mild scoliosis; my body won't stand straight. I wear a quarter-inch cushion under my right heel which 'sort-of' evens out my legs. Also, check your shoes for uneven wear. Does the leg where the hip pain is also have a sore knee? You might try going the 'orthopedic' route. I've had steroid shots; they're expensive but effective...
I've had pain in my right hip on my last few beach walks, but I figure, either way, yer gonna lose it, so use it while you can, I guess!

Dogwalkmusings said...

Hey Escapee, Great to hear from you! Some of the physical therapy I've been going through has corrected the leg length issue. That doesn't mean it hasn't recurred!

Wed. I'll find out what the latest MRI shows. It's the lump about the size of a hamburger that is curious. It's a tumor of some sort. Hopefully no more than a lipoma. I guess it will go from there. Thanks so much for the input. Every little bit I learn about what others are going through helps me ask better questions!