Monday, July 21, 2008

Unintended Consequences

The conversation continues in regard to the coffee shared by NIC board member Christie Wood and community advocate Mary Souza. It has me puzzled. When word got out that the conversation had been covertly recorded by Ms. Souza, the lid flew off. I found it interesting the direction the different blogs took.

HBO, the Spokesman Review blog broke the news and no one doubted the word of Ms. Wood. Confirmation was immediately requested from Ms. Souza, one of the founders of the openCDA blog. None was forthcoming. There has been no denial but no confirmation. Rather the allegation is being framed as everything from a personal attack to an avoidance of the issue of the conversation.

That doesn't eliminate the reason to believe the conversation was indeed recorded without Ms. Wood's knowledge.

The city and any official that serves it has long been under intense scrutiny by the openCDA members. What I don't understand is what has driven them to pursue such measures during private conversations. It is said, after having obtained the tape, Ms. Souza rushed it to the CDA Press editor and a reporter who was present, claiming - what - proof of some wrong doing? Allegedly neither the reporter nor the editor agreed. Why would anyone resort to such behavior?

It saddens me that a person who has long lived in this community and once served it well, has so much hatred for the current power structure that she felt such an action was necessary. You may think my use of "hatred" is rather "love" of the community. I think not. It would seem to have become an agenda.  Just what exactly that agenda is remains a mystery.

The main consequence, it seems to me, is that the only thing to have come from this sorry incident, is that the wedge between the two sides has just been driven deeper. Those who were once much admired for questioning the process have now been diminished to the level in which they have so ardently placed the power structure.

As one blogger observed, the staunch supporters of both sides will remain loyal. The rest of us will watch the story fade. But the trust has been broken. That's not something to take lightly for it will not be easily regained.

For what?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Another commentator on the local blogs stated, "when credibility is destroyed, so is effectiveness". So I would ask, to what end would someone take a chance on destroying both their future effectiveness and thier credibility. What do we have if we destroy our good name and character. It is also said that man is his own worst enemy. This sordid incident is a tragic demonstration of the truth in that statement. C U

Anonymous said...

Give it up Dogwalk - the whole town knows how you tow the line as more than one poster. Now remove this post because you can't stand it - that you have been caught, let alone important enough to secretly tape record. Your integrity has bit the dust. You are not so great as a double agent, so stay on your side - that's where you have always been while you milk folks in the name of friendship.

Now, go save some Bernards. They are real food for folks in China.

mamaJD said...

Dogwalk - Your observations are astute and accurate. It is sad that some of these comments are so mean-spirited just for having a difference of opinion. I believe these actions only deepen the line in the sand. It is a shame because I think why on earth would anyone choose public service in this climate?