Friday, August 08, 2008

Which Question Is More Important For The Candidates?

What is your opinion about Russia sending an armored column into Georgia or is John Edwards' political career finished? I know it's Friday afternoon and it has long been an American tradition that when something unpleasant yet news worthy happens break it for the week end cycle where it is likely to disappear. Especially this week end with the Olympics getting into full swing.

Being hot outside, I've been puttering around the house with the TV on for company. The news broke that John Edwards admitted to having an affair with a former campaign worker in an interview for ABC's Nightline. It has been all over the web since he was caught by a National enquirer reporter caught him trying to sneak out of the Beverly Hilton a couple of weeks ago after a late night rendezvous with the the lady. Actually the story has been festering since the onset of the affair back in 2006.

I noticed yesterday it was beginning to move into the mainstream media. I left it alone. One more slick politician will be photographed with his wife telling us how badly he feels for his "mistake". This time the wife happens to have an incurable form of cancer.

It has been all CNN and MSNBC have been talking about. What will Hillary say? What can she say? She said. basically, she was sorry for the family. McCain had no comment. He's not as pure as the driven snow himself! Obama was en route to Hawaii and had yet to be questioned.

I need not say what I think of Mr. Edwards at this point. I would like to know more about another war that may be festering. We've been bristling at Russia for quite some time. Georgia has been a staunch ally. Will we try diplomacy? Will we sit back and watch and wait? Can the world handle another armed conflict in yet another region? Will we rattle our sabers? What does McCain think? What does Obama think? Will it even be asked? I think we can pretty well guess which story will get the play.

As for Elizabeth Edwards, my heart goes out to her. Remember how fiercely she defended him, campaigned for him? Neither she nor her family needed this nor do they deserve it. I've not been a supporter of John Edwards. He's always appeared a little too packaged, slick - for my comfort zone. He insisted he had roots like many of our own. He's really just like us; it's just he got some great breaks.

Well, he's right on one count. He's like too many other politicians who get caught up in their own self-importance and feelings of infallibility. And all for what? Some sack time? What attracts these men to these women? What causes them to risk what could be brilliant careers and a proper place in history - sans asterisk! All for a brief period with someone who will never share their life, root for their success, soothe them through setbacks, be a help mate and a soul mate. A person who will just be there. Why? Who will be next?

Actually, when you come to think of it, none of us needs nor deserves any of this from any of them.

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