Thursday, August 07, 2008

Why Must Evertyhing Be Racist?

In this morning's Spokesman Review there is an article headlined Gregoire calls campaign as untrue, racist. It speaks to an ad denouncing concessions she allegedly made to the Indian gambling concerns for which both her campaign and the Democratic Party received substantial contributions. How many other interest groups do the same thing when something happens in their favor? Is it better to hide such efforts with a lobbying firm where the negotiators may be of another ethnicity?

The article also talked about an ad against her opponent, an Italian American, in which the theme from the Sopranos was used. An Italian American group protested. Why is the theme from one of the most violent yet popular television series suddenly so distasteful? I know, it's politics and opposing sides pick up on everything and anything.

There was a time in Washington, when a state employee could not accept a gift for anything. I was assigned the task of getting "attraction" signage for a small zoo. It wasn't all that difficult once I found the correct channels to work through. Within a month the project was completed and the signs in place. As a thank you I offered the person I had been working with passes to the zoo. Thanks, but no thanks. Not allowed.

That might have prevented the Gregoire campaign criticism regarding tribal donations.

As for the Rossi ad, it could have been worse. But then I remember we can't refer to a female Indian as a squaw anymore or name a sports team after them.

I look at the national scene and Jon Stewart's biting analysis of the Obama, Hilton, Spears ad where a (OMG) a "black" man was posed between two white women! And what did the double mic on the podium in front of him insinuate? Ludicrous. And I don't mean lyrics from an entertainer!

Consider all the fuss about Obama being "black". Only half. Why does that keep getting lost? As a friend of mine says, "If you don't like the black half vote for the white half."

That's no solution either. How about voting for the man and his ideas! There is such debate about racism on the national level thanks to this campaign season, one would think we may have gotten past it on the local level.

Obviously we have not.

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