Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blue Bloods Versus Rednecks

Okay, I'm getting sick and tired of this Arugula argument and who is and who isn't "understood"! Let's give those of us who don't shoot Moose some equal time on the citizen scale here.

Obama was bashed for asking if anyone could believe the price of Arugula and the "elitist" tag was immediately applied. How about the price of Iceberg lettuce? Does that make you feel better? Here's the deal. I love prime beef, others prefer hamburgers and fries. They are both food. Some drink Bud, I prefer a micro brew. Both are beer. Hillary's "shot" was Crown Royal. Others may have chosen Jack Daniels. They are both whiskey. I love to shop Nieman Marcus and Bloomingdales, others shop Penny's or Kohls - for clothes.

What do you drive? I drive a Porsche and a pick up. Now that gets confusing! Both are transportation. Some shoot on fenced game preserves, like Cheney, others hunt in the wild. Both mean the killing of animals.

I prefer Opera to Opry. I blog. So does nearly everyone who will read this. So what's my point?

We all have common issues that bind us together as a nation. I don't care if you drive a Jaguar or a Jeep, the price of gas hurts. Be it dining at Morton's or McDonalds, the price of food hurts. Just like buying either Iceberg or Arugula.

You can call me an elitist or a snob or whatever you want. I will tell you this, Hub and I have worked hard all our lives for what we have. We've earned it. Can you understand that? We may have had opportunities and the ability to take advantage of them that others haven't, but proportionately, we hurt just as much as the next guy when it comes to how far the dollar goes. We hurt as much as the next guy when a loved one is killed in a stupid, uncalled for war. And we care just as much as the next guy when a family in the community is slaughtered by a mad man.

Isn't it time to get beyond all this petty nitpicking and realize we're all in this together? If we don't make the right decision for the right reasons in this election we'll all be travelling by shanks mare and wearing sack cloth. Now there's a great equalizer. Do you "understand" that?


Anonymous said...

Many of us do understand, but perhaps just as many do not.

Just today I was reading the latest Newsweek that arrived in the mail recently. In it Andrew Romano claims that Democrats support Obama's resume of Indonesia, memoirs, Harvard, legislature, because it conforms to the Democratic ideal of leadership, i.e., worldly, brainy, fluent, cooperative.

Sarah Palin's resume of frontier mom, unlikely mayor, reformist governor fits the Republican mold of familial, rootsy, self-sufficient, executive.

To take it a step further, Romano claims Democrats feel Obama's better than we could ever be, while Republicans declare Palin is one of us.

So there you have it. We'll never understand a group of people who believe that the Burger King Manager, who is just like us, has more executive experience than Obama and therefore is more qualified to be President.

Sylvia K said...

Give 'em hell, girl, and know I'm standing right with you! I don't know what in hell people are thinking these days -- ah, maybe that's the problem! They AREN'T or can't.

Margie's Musings said...

Most ordinary people do not vote the issues anyhow. They vote their emotions and their values.

So issues don't matter to them.

Anonymous said...

"If we don't make the right decision for the right reasons in this election we'll all be travelling by shanks mare and wearing sack cloth. Now there's a great equalizer. Do you "understand" that?"

I do understand "that" and may I add that those who have lived a porche life will most likely not peservere as well as those who buy thier clothes at thrift shops. Those folks already know how to survive. Nieman Marcus is not even part of their vocabulary. Ever wonder why? The difference between Nieman Marcus and bargain basement K-Mart is one caters to richer incomes. Doesn't mean your clothes look nicer on you than poor people - you just spend more.

Some people know how and where to hunt. Some don't. That means some people may starve when there is this thing called the "equalizer."

However, I do like Obama's tax plan where anyone who makes under 50 grand is exempt while Obama says he would hike several taxes on people making more than $250,000, including the amount they pay on capital gains" That is a real equalizer. No more tax breaks for the rich. Ha - who is really getting snowed in this campaign?

And you are right about rich people hurting just as bad as poor people -- but the differnce is rich people can afford lawyers, poor people can't. Poor people have to be criminals before they get representation. Rich people hire lawyers who get them off. Example: Bill Clinton - U.S. President charged with impeachment and perjury.

In the meantime I think a bigger issue needs to be looked at and that is all the money being spent to create black holes. May not even matter who wins this election.

Linda said...

I agree with you 100%. For the life of me I do not understand what's wrong with having an educated president. We've just had 8 years of an uneducated President and Vice President (college degrees do not necessarily mean you're educated.) McCain is also uneducated in so many ways and now they rooting for a woman that it took 6 years, and 5schools to get a degree in journalism. Geeezzzz