Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hillary, Where Are You When We Need You?

I've been reading with dismay that in Hillary's campaigning for Obama she is laying off Palin. Why? I hope she isn't falling into the same trap as her supporters; it's a woman's turn. Any woman! C'mon, Hillary. You're smarter than that.

If anyone can put this experience business to rest, it's Hillary. Part of the reason she didn't win is she over stated her case. Who better to point out how Sarah Palin's case, too, is being over stated?

The biggest issue is exposure to reality. In the "two for one" scenario, she was her husband's equal if not more effective in pushing through reforms during her years in Arkansas. They both protected Chelsea from public scrutiny and she has emerged a well educated, articulate young woman with a future that bodes bright.

Ready to be commander-in-chief? Well, Hillary got hammered on that one. However, she did travel to war torn areas and did confer with the Generals. Foreign Policy? I wager she also knows where Russia is even having spent many years in far away Arkansas. I would guess she may actually have met Putin. She definitely had met his predecessor. She had met most of the heads of state, many who are still in power, if even on a strictly ceremonial basis. Can Sarah Palin say the same?

We pooh poohed her being the Presiden't wife as experience, but it gives her a huge leg up on the fledgling governor of Alaska. She's the best one to go out there and say, "If you thought I was inexperienced, how can you possibly think Sarah Palin is anything other?"

Oh, yeah. There is some common ground other than gender. Hillary can also shoot a rifle - and down shooters.

I wonder though, does Palin know where Arkansas is? After all, it's not right next door. There is also domestic policy to consider!


Sylvia K said...

Oh, amen, amen! I was never in favor of Hillary, I just always felt that we a whole new day, not more of the same whether it was Republican or Democrat. But I have yet to find anything positive about Palin's background that would make her even a mediocre VP. I just do so want these elections to be over!

Word Tosser said...

The worse thing about Hillary was having Bill near her...
And Hillary has forgotten more than Palin ever knew..
She has more experience in her little finger than Palin has in her whole head.

Anonymous said...

I think Obama is making a mistake by bringing up Palin. He's running against McCain not her. I don't remember Regan taking on Ferraro. He was just running for President.

Betty said...

If Palin wants to locate Arkansas, she'd better not ask the first President Bush. He thinks Arkansas is a small, poor state somewhere between Texas and Oklahoma.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Your writing gives me an insight into American politics from the common man's perspective. Except that you're not a man and you're UNcommon!!!

Margie's Musings said...

I agree. Hillary is well known to be smarter then Bill. I still believe the Obama/Hillary ticket would have been a winner.

Linda said...

At this point in time I think the Obama campaign is wise in not taking on Palin. Give her and the Republicans some space to see if this thing will implode on its own so far away from Democrats they can't possibly lay the blame on them. There's plenty of time yet to deal with Palin. She's never been allowed off the leash to make nonscripted comments. There's also a VP debate.

The only major bump Mondale got in his run against Reagan was when he chose Ferraro as his VP candidate. Needless to say that bump did not last.

Would I personally like to see Palin and Clinton in a debate? You bet. When the time is right I believe Clinton will protect her 18 million cracks. Why should she let someone like Palin move in and claim those? Clinton will make her move when the time is right.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Rinkly, thanks!