Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day From My Little Corner Of The World

Well, here we are. The day of reckoning. While no one has dared come right out and say it, all the commentary is leaning toward an Obama win. We are witnessing history of monumental proportions whether it be our first African American President or our first female Vice President. American politics is forever changed.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting this rainy election day. I've been thinking about the wonderful cadre of of ladies, who happen to blog, that I've been spending much of my time with over the past several months. They are a diverse group. Teachers, writers, artists, homemakers.

Most are near seniors or seniors like myself. Long time buddies like the Word Tosser , a local blogger who has been a long time friend, to A Piece of My Mind's Betty who keeps me up to date on Arkansas happenings. We think so much alike sometimes it's frightening!

I've met Sylvia from Over the Hill and Texas to Oregon . There is Margie's Musings and the most extra ordinary Just an Ordinary Gal. How could I not love one who blogs as My Sister was a Saint Bernard or Golden Years My a$$!

There is even the wonderful Rinkly Rimes who checks in from Australia, keeping me up to speed on how things work in Oz and what they're thinking about us.

This doesn't begin to give due to all the blogs I follow on a regular basis but it is the core group I've drawn from for peer opinion.

We've gone through this process together, giving one another encouragement when down, checking facts, sharing laughs. Many have gotten to the point of burn out and have taken to posting more family news or photos of the areas in which they live. All of that made it even more special for, to me, it's what this is all about. A slice of our country, our world, as seen through the eyes of those who live there. The family joys and woes and worries, the beauty of a neighborhood, a tree, a garden or a blossom. America. The beautiful.

It is said the young are the country's greatest asset. Maybe so. But these ladies and so many others like them are national treasures.

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