Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Toy Story" Congressional Style

I've become increasingly aware of two truths in politics. No matter how charismatic the President elect may be, how sincere, how well meaning, how able, he'll always have Congress to muck things up.

This time around it's a double whammy because his own party is in power. I have a reader who was at odds with my support for Obama, fearing what might be down the road with one party in control. I didn't disagree with his premise. But the more I watch these men and women we've elected, it seems to me it matters which party holds the power. They're all nuts!

Take for example a column in this morning's Wall Street Journal, Pelosi's Toy Story. It informs us of a law to go into effect in February that will require all unsold children's books and toys and clothing that have not been tested for lead and so certified to be scrapped. Do these people ever, ever think of the ramifications of their actions?

This action is so ludicrous I'm having trouble comprehending it. One more over reaction. Plus the question of how did any of us survive our lives to this point before Big Brother Government became paramount?

How many toy makers have the ability to get their products tested? You know, like the grandfatherly guy down the street that makes toys and sells them at fairs? Books? Is there really lead in paper and ink? Clothes?

Yes, toy safety has been an issue. Especially those made in China. An across the board destroying of those not "tested" however seems a tad extreme. Plus, what about the toys, etc. from those very same shelves that have already been sold or will be prior to the February date? Are those poor children doomed to death by lead poisoning? I rather doubt it.

When Congress passed this legislation in August Nancy Pelosi chortled, "With this legislation, we will not only be recalling, we will be removing those products from the shelves." Well, add the toy stores, especially the little independents, to the bailout list!

What was she thinking? Rather than passing just plain stupid legislation in attempt to woo us into believing they are actually doing something why don't they put in the hours necessary to think these things through?

I know the reason. It would take away from their campaigning which begins the day after they are elected.

I was so enthralled with the Obama candidacy and election, I totally forgot who caused all the problems he campaigned against in the first place. Mostly Congress by their actions or lack thereof.

Funny. When I was a kid the paint in my room had lead in it. I never ate it. I had toys with button eyes and fuzzy fur. I never ate any of that either.

I guess I just never had the taste for it.


John Dwyer said...

I have not even read the WSJ yet today. However, after reading your blog I immediately sent an email to both of my senators asking if there are any grown-ups in the legislative branch. Maybe if they get enough of a ground-swell reaction they will modify this embarassment.

Word Tosser said...

It is a total wonder that those of us over 40 are alive. After all we drank out of the water hose, we had lead paint on our cribs and etc.
I saw on the news a local gal (Spokane) who made little remembrance for baby's with picture frames and some of it involved cloth. She is closing her shop because she doesn't have the funds for testers. The God's must be Mad... as insane.