Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fuzzy Face Update

I haven't been doing frequent updates on Bacchus because I didn't think most would be interested, but since many of you do ask, especially when I mention him in a fit of pique, if there is something to report I'll do so on the week ends. Unless, well, you know...

His liver enzymes are back in the acceptable range. The blood level of another drug that was causing concern is also where the cardiologist wants it. We've adjusted his heart rate medication - it's still beating erratically but with an arrhythmia there's only so much that can be done. He is also off his food again which is of concern because he needs to maintain his body weight. He also is preferring snow to water indicating a possible rise in body temperature that may be thyroid related. We'll get that scoped out over the next few days.

Hub said this morning, "Where did all this come from all at once?" Well, he's old, number one and the onslaught of drugs was bound to have some consequences we hadn't anticipated. Figuring out what is what is the frustrating part.

It's hurry up and wait. Draw blood, wait for the results. As for his quality of life, it would seem he still doesn't realize he's sick. He lays in the snow by the fence watching the world go by and barking at anything that moves. These days it's mostly a covey of quail. He just doesn't walk as far. Though the snow berms still remain a challenge he can't resist.

He's taking his meds without problem and still gets me up in the mornings with a wet nose in my face, follows me to the den for the ritual ear rub and settles in while Hub and I read the papers.

I'm the problem here. I worry about everything. Hub does his best to keep me in check. The vets have had the patience of Job and as the cardiologist drilled into me yesterday, my "kid" is no longer a kid, but now a sweet little old man and all that brings with it.

Again, for the good wishes many of you have sent my way, thanks for caring. You are a very special group and I'm glad you've come into my world.


Margie's Musings said...

Thank you for bringing us up to date! I have been concerned about him but hesitated to ask since it might be a painful subject for you. It sounds like he's coming along as well as can be expected.

Sylvia K said...

I always hold good thoughts for you and Hub and Bacchus. I know just how difficult it is -- been there, done that. My heart aches for both of you. Thanks for the update.

cconz said...

thanks for the update. i've been thinking of you. I know how STRESSFUL it can be. The knot in the stomach never goes away. They say, "Oh, you'll know when the time comes". It never gets easy.

Anonymous said...

Just read this...everyday is a blessing. Worrying is your love..don't change. I believe our animals are loaned to us, this gift is great. It appears that Bacchus is happy, rolling in the snow and barking at quail is "fun". He enjoys his day..try to embrace his "enjoyment". It is another of his gifts to you. CU