Friday, February 06, 2009

Congress Fiddles!

Nero fiddles while Rome burns. Congress fiddles while the country burns! And so do I!

I've spent some time over the past couple of days watching Robert Gibbs give the White House press briefing. Time and time again he is asked if Obama has lost control and time and time again he claims the administration did not expect to change the way Congress does business in three short weeks.

It's a good thing because they haven't changed one iota. I am thoroughly disgusted with both the Democrats and the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi allowing all the pork to be added to the stimulus bill in the House saying that since they won they get to write the legislation. The Republicans digging in their heels for the sake of digging in their heels. It makes me want to pick both sides up by the scruff of their necks and shake them! Grow up! Get over it!

Ms. Pelosi. You did not win. Obama won with the promise of change. Many like me voted for him because we believed in the man; not necessarily the entirety of his message. You, fellow Democrats, aren't giving him a chance.

There are fourteen centrist members of the Senate trying to compromise on the stimulus package. No where near enough! Cut all the non-stimulus measures and come back to them another time. Give the Republicans something they want and get on with it! You know. Compromise!

Huge demands are being made of the companies and executives who have already and will receive bailout money. How about some demands on Congress to get something done instead of all the partisan posturing! This isn't about philosophical differences. This is about power pure and simple.

Yeah, I know. I'm on a really short fuse. My dog is dying, I'm emotionally exhausted and I'm not suffering fools kindly. Funny, though, I'd be on just as short a fuse without all the emotional baggage. Following politics will do that to you!


Linda said...

What a wonderful post. I could not agree with you more. I just walk the floors wondering what's going to happen. Congress should be forced to sit and watch themselves on TV. It's awful. I'm afraid that it won't pass, but I'm also afraid that it will. I have no idea what's good for the country anymore.

Sorry about Baccus. I take it he is doing poorly.

Betty said...

I agree with you, but there's hope. We learned today that Obama is taking his show on the road. Obviously, he has decided that he is didgusted enough to go straight to the people. I think he's right. He has to go around Congress (and the Senate)to make believers out of them.

I'm thinking about Baccus, too. Hang in there.

Word Tosser said...

It is just as I said when we had the elections going on... it isn't the President we need to fear so much as the Congress. Giving civic 101 of how they overrule the President..many times. Or like now, stall the whole mess. I am like Linda, I fear the passing and not passing because it hard to see which one is worse.

Hope Mr. B is holding his own.. and getting stronger after his Vet visit. Could you give us all an update on Mr. B.?

Margie's Musings said...

I understand they have reached a deal. Perhaps they didn't want the president to go "on the road".

Rinkly Rimes said...

You're obviously very down. I look forward to hearing that your beloved dog and your country are improving in health.