Monday, March 02, 2009

How Many Tax Evaders Are Acceptable?

Here we go again! Headline on Yahoo News Trade nominee Ron Kirk agrees to pay back taxes! Yet he's the right person for the job.

What in the heck is going on? Everyone is complaining about the tax payer money the administration is pouring into businesses that should be allowed to fail, mortgages that people shouldn't have in the first place and programs that haven't been thought through as to the possible unexpected consequences. Nothing new here. It's politics. It's also known that we are actually borrowing this money from foreign countries, mostly China. Why? Could it be that too many tax payers aren't paying?

Okay, the tax code is confusing at best and it's easy for an individual to make mistakes. But what about the tax programs you buy to simplify the process? Plug in the numbers and walla, you've got your tax return. Are they flawed? Or all the tax preparation companies that have their Uncle Sams on the street corners to entice you in. Do they know what they're doing? And the professionals on a higher level who work with the Daschles of the world; do they not sit down with their clients to make sure everything is in order before submitting the return for signature? Or are these people, you know the tax payer who signs the return, truly - cheats? And if they are why are they being included in the administration under the guise that it's a "few minor issues"?

There has been much criticism about the bailout packages rewarding people for bad behavior. I believe it to be true but apparently I am wrong. Bad business decisions. Buying unaffordable homes and allowing it to be done. What the heck, those are but a few minor issues.

How can it be anything else when this is the standard applied to those who would serve in the administration? The return was prepared by a paid tax preparer. Right. Now you know where the buck really stops!


Anonymous said...

I am just a decrepit little old lady who has never been a whiz at math. But even I can prepare my own tax returns. It is called reading for comprehension. Yes, it can be unecessarily oblique, but just keep reading. I simply got tired of paying several hundred dollars to have someone else prepare my returns. And as feeble as I may be in my dotage, I have never made a mistake. Sorry, there simply is no excuse for these appointees and their absurd excuses. And they belong in the cabinet for what reason???

Marvelous new bumper sticker; "Honk if you're paying my mortgage". CU

June Saville said...

I agree with you about the tax evaders. They should be sent to the bottom of the harbour - where they belong!
June in Oz

TropiGal said...

You are not alone, June. I believe the bailout package rewards bad decisions and outright fraud -- with my money. And no one needs my tax dollars more than I do. The Obama administration is off to a very bad start by setting all these tax evaders into office, and I voted for the guy with high hopes.

You cannot borrow money endlessly as our nation is doing right now. It is madness.