Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Pork Queen - Nancy Pelosi

All across America small towns have their celebrations complete with Queen and court. It would seem we have one on the national level too.

Politico reports that House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi is open to a second stimulus package. She criticized the media for being too critical about the first for expecting too much too soon. Was there not enough pork in the first? Was there not enough allocated to save her little marsh mouse or find out why pigs smell the way they do?

This from the woman, who if she were up for a cabinet position, would probably have some tax problems of her own. While the new members of Congress fly commercial with the rest of we peons, she is known for demanding high end military aircraft to shuttle her entourage, including family, around and letting her upset be known should they not be readily available. Does she reimburse the military for their use? Does she pay tax on those jaunts as additional income? I rather doubt it. If Sarah Palin has to reimburse Alaska for family sojourns, then too should Ms. Pelosi reimburse the military. Not just for a first class ticket, either, but the full freight for operating expenses.

I do have to find fault with the President for allowing as much pork to pass in the first stimulus bill as was done, but is it me or does Ms. Pelosi just not get it? Actually, I think she gets it just fine. It's just that no one has had the will to reign her in. I find that worrisome.

The good news of the day is the market is up and Citi actually showed a profit. The bad news is the Democrats hold the house with the Pork Queen as speaker. The reason people are getting impatient is because they don't see the stimulus. Where is the job creation?

Military personnel cleaning up the planes after a Pelosi flight certainly isn't a job saved or created. If that is the thinking, then I can assuredly explain why pigs stink. They are, after all, pork.


Word Tosser said...

And is she paying taxes on these flights? Aren't they considered income? Just like other perts are?

Anonymous said...

After 9/11, President Bush ordered a military plane to transport the Speaker of the House (3rd in line to the Presidency). Up until that time, the Speaker did fly commercial; but, starting with Speaker Hastert, for security reasons, the Speaker is supposed to fly on a military flight that is non-stop, in case the Speaker must be transported in an emergency directly from his or her home to Washington. That is not pork; that is succession planning.