Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mighty Yellowstone

So Obama did a little fly fishing in the Gallatin and took the kids to Yellowstone. What a great way to refresh!

As a friend of mine suggested in a recent post on his blog, Blue Moose Democrat , America is sorely in need of a weekend! I can't think of a better way to spend one.

If visiting Yellowstone does nothing more, it reminds us of what an incredibly beautiful country we live in and how worthwhile it is to preserve it.

During the fishing trip there were no cameras or reporters allowed. The conversation ranged from land issues to their personal lives like how he and Michelle are trying to keep the kids grounded considering the circus that surrounds them. They even got on a first name basis.

Maybe we ought to send the entire Congress and the entire press corp, including the pundits, to Yellowstone for a day of fishing and taking in the sites. They just might come back awed by something other than themselves.

As for Obama, in this scenario I'd not mind casting a line or sharing a beer with him myself! He's sounds far more like the Barack Obama I supported. A husband, a dad gone fishing with the guys. How totally American!

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Anonymous said...

I guess we often forget that these politicians are human too. Here in the UK, I do actually wonder!

CJ xx