Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've long speculated that Rahm Emmanuel is our shadow President. That he's not the one I voted for nor that I don't like the way he strong arms people Chicago style is of little matter. He is who he is and where he is. I'm somewhat gratified to learn The New York Times is in agreement. There are times I'd prefer to be dead wrong and this is one of them.

When Emmanuel took his time accepting the offer to be Chief of Staff, I always wondered if the delay was so he could put his head together with Nancy Pelosi to determine where he would be most useful. It seems he is quite comfortable in doing so, as is she! Snicker.

One of the biggest disappointments I've had about President Obama is what seems an unwillingness or inability to lead. Cheer lead, yes. Lead? I don't think so. That's coming from Emmanuel, Axelrod and Pelosi. Oh, I can hear the disagreement on this one. Never-the-less, it's my opinion and until I see evidence to the contrary it's unlikely to change.

I will say, in the likability category, the President wins hands down. It's not enough.

According to the Times article Emanuel is creditied with the "do everything at once" strategy. That may be his downfall in the end. He's making enemies for himself and therefore the President. It could boil down to Emmanual's job or the President's chance at a second term.

One thing for sure, he's doing little to please Hillary Clinton and she could be a formidable enemy. Sixteen years ago Hillary was instrumental in getting Rahm demoted because of his aggressive, feather ruffling ways. As Hub often says, "Don't get mad, get even."

It is Rahm's turn. Hillary wanted to bring long time ally, Sidney Blumenthal, on board. Emmanuel nixed it since he was involved in spreading harsh attacks about Obama in the campaign. In the campaign? Where Obama was running against Hillary? What would one expect?

It doesn't quite wash when the excuse is that the bad blood still runs deep. After all, Hillary is now Secretary of State! How much more bad blood was there than between Hillary and Obama?

I also wonder how she feels about have "Chief of Staff" deliver the dictum!

Hillary is not in the best frame of mind of late. She has been marginalized while the special envoys are dealing with the real hot spots around the world. This is why, I would suppose, we haven't seen much of her. Even Bill has upstaged her. Heck, he does that by being in the same room! However, when push comes to shove, if you make an enemy of Hillary you make one of Bill too. They have this bond, you see.

When it comes to the Clintons versus the rest of the party and everyone in it, I'll bet on the Clintons. Not because I like them or agree with them on much of anything. It's just the way things seem to be.

It's going to be interesting theater. The policies may in actuality be Pelosi and Emmanuel's but the name on them will be Obama's. If they fail, they will be Obama's. If the political world gets tired of being strong armed by a profanity spewing henchman, all the likability in the world may be for naught.

The nice guy could finish last.

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Word Tosser said...

As I have said before the election. I wish we could know who is going to be in the cabinet before hand. Because that could make or break my decision on who I would vote for. I am not crazy about any of Obama's choices. I almost feel like they aren't so much his as his "group" meaning Demo party and Axerod.
I agree with you... Obama..stand up and take charge, not just delegate. And if they don't do what you want, tell them so.. Be the man I voted for.