Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas, Pure And Simple

I just finished browsing the headlines and could find little to cheer. So. In the spirit of the season I'll share with you some of ours. As you probably know, you can click on the photos to enlarge them. This is our house. It's a hodge podge of items we've accumulated over the years. Luminaria from Santa Fe. The choir figures were made by Hub's Mom when he was a youngster. They are older than old and we love them!

This is Bacchus helping out last year. It was our last Christmas with him. : (

This is where all our "kids" rest and this is their tree.

This would be our tree with its thousand points of light and lifetimes of memories. We have ornaments from our parents from when they were youngsters, we've ornaments we've collected from all over the world along side those that were gifts and old wooden cut outs we painted ourselves when times were tough. As I said, a lifetime.

I had a wonderful early present yesterday afternoon. Our vet called. No. My friend who was our vet called. I hadn't seen her for awhile. Things at the clinic were slow. She came by and we visited for two hours before she had to leave to pick up her husband who is also a vet at another clinic. It was wonderful. We talked dogs. Animals. Bacchus. She had her dog with her. As they were leaving she let Abby out of the car to stretch her legs. She wagged and romped and got her ribs and chin thoroughly scratched by me. Then just before she got back into her car she gave me the gift of a wonderful memory. She ran into a pile of snow and made an angel. Somehow I think Bacchus was with her.


Linda said...

Very nice post. Loved your pictures and am most impressed by the rocks on your house. Absolutely gorgeous. Really nice.

Margie's Musings said...

It was lovely! You really need another dog. That would make your life complete. I didn't even know Bacchus but I miss him too.