Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Trouble With Congress...

Boy, I've got to say the The Wall Street Journal opinion page in today's paper should be required reading for everyone. There is a piece by Dan Henninger on the Liberal obsession with health care. Karl Rove tells why Obama's rating of his own performance as a B+ is dead wrong and a whole lot more.

The piece on climate change by Howard Bloom was of special interest to me. He explains, in very understandable terms, just how we came to be and how our little piece of the universe works in conjunction with the sun. Actually, anyone who took science courses in school should know all of this, but...

I got to thinking about all the world leaders about to converge in Copenhagen to make decisions based on inaccurate information at best. Our health care debate is about the same. We have all these Congressmen writing legislation, debating it, and voting on it without truly understanding the subject nor it's implications on the rest of us.

They are not unintelligent, they just aren't sufficiently knowledgeable about the subject about which they speak. They are pursuing an agenda rather than fixing the problem of health care costs. The agenda, with the Democrats in power, is to take as much away from we individuals as possible and put it under governmental control.

Hub spent his career designing pension and benefit plans for both domestic and foreign corporations. He has worked on all sides of the spectrum. The insurance side, the corporate side and the government side. I can't think of anyone that has a more well rounded view of the issue than he does. To listen to him break it down into fixes that are cost and coverage effective for everyone and simple to incorporate is mind boggling when you consider what Congress is trying to shove down our throats. But then, they don't really have you and me or our doctors in mind.

The same goes with climate change. No attention is being paid to the real problems being faced by the people of emerging nations. Simple things like food, clothing and shelter. Not unlike here, a way to make a decent living!

What is it about human nature that we always pursue overkill? That's what this health care monstrosity is. That's what climate change is. There is nothing we can do to change what Mother Nature has been doing for millions of years.

Funny, we people as a whole have managed to muddle our way through some 120,000 years since we first became homo sapiens without the help of government dictates on how we live our lives other than for law and order. We're a creative bunch as a whole and those who stray from the path of good usually meet up with the folly of their ways.

Harry Reid needs to let the Senate adjourn and go home. Begin again in the new year. Obama needs to understand that health care reform is more likely to break his Presidency rather than make it.

The rest of us need to broaden our horizons and realize the likes of Al Gore are not all knowing when it comes to trying to outsmart Mother Nature.

Whether or not their is a God I do not know. I do know ole Ma Nature has a long and traceable history of change and adaptation. I'll willingly bow to her whims. I will not to man's manipulation.


Peggy said...

This whole health care bill is a mess. They are just trying to pass "anything"
Ok...that's enough of that. It's almost christmas and i want to wish you a vry Merry Christmas!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Nice to see you again! One can often lose interesting people in cyberspace!