Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Dysfunctional Government

When commenting on the Christmas day terror attempt, the President had this to say, "We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable."

He might begin by looking within. You see, as bad as Napolitano's flip flop on how security measures are working was, there's an even more egregious element. The TSA, which answers to her, has no permanent administrator. First, it took Obama eight months to even nominate one. Then Jim DeMint, Republican from South Carolina, objected on the basis the nominee might allow the screeners to join a union.

While I'm no supporter of Unions, Obama is. Consider, too, that the American Federation of Government Employees, around since 1932, already has 600,000 members! Organizing screeners might well be on the drawing board. Frankly, I'd rather have them organized than to be without leadership!

All the puffery by Senators about the system being , lost and bloated or complaining about there having been five administrators in eight years ought to look at themselves!

So who is this administrator waiting in the wings? One Erroll Southers, a former FBI special agent, LA airport's assistant chief of homeland security and intelligence plus being a professor on counter-terrorism and associate director of the USC Homeland Security Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events.

Having read about him I think perhaps he should have Napolitano's job. He certainly has the credentials she lacks!

So there you have the problem. The President awards the top job as political payback then drags his feet on the nomination of the man who would cover her, uh, you get the idea. Then a Senator holds it up because of his own ideology and political agenda. The other Senators weighing in know this so disregard their self-rightous outrage.

It's called politics. When it's realized that the world today calls for more than playing the game, we might be safer. Until then our government, not al Qaeda, will be our own worst enemy.

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