Monday, December 28, 2009

It's Time For Profiling

I'm sorry. Our government has done it again. In Obama's remarks this afternoon he said this. "As Americans we will never give into fear and division."

We already have. To put the traveling public through what they are now enduring is criminal. Old ladies and men, children. Come on. I heard one story this morning about an elderly lady wearing a leg brace being forced to remove it. None of this is keeping us safe. It is one more example of the government not doing it's job and the public pays. Do you really want these people running our health care?

You have to understand the man with the potential explosive did everything right when it came to boarding the plane. He had a legal visa, in Nigeria one pays cash for everything so cash for the ticket was not an issue there, he was coming here to go to school hence the one way ticket. He has a home here and a home in Nigeria hence the small carry on bag. What's to question?

It's the inner workings that are lax. The inner workings are not going to be fixed by searching every man woman and child in the world. Not to mention destroying the airlines.

To be fair, this didn't start under Obama but he hasn't helped it any. By putting a state governor into the position of Secretary of Homeland Security just because she governed a border state is sheer madness. Had she resolved the problem of illegals from Mexico entering Arizona I might think she has a clue. But she didn't and doesn't. After all, she's the one who claimed the system worked before being taken to the wood shed and recanting.

That the man's father was concerned enough about his son's radical views that he warned American authorities doesn't indicate an internal family matter to me. Had I been the authority I'd have done some checking. Boy, what I would have found!

The watch and no fly lists are so huge they're impossible to monitor effectively. Obviously. Once it's found your on it, it's nearly impossible to get off. Senator Edward Kennedy could have told you about it. He was on it. As is CNN's Drew Griffin. Explain it!

Congress is so anxious to pass laws let them pass one allowing profiling. It is in our national interest! Forget political correctness and let the old ladies, men and kids be!

Oh, along with that law include this. Every member of Congress must fly commercial and go through the same security procedures that we do. No special lines to side step it. Remove shoes. Get wanded. Get patted down. Get a full body scan at airports that employ it. Get the air puff test. Stay in your seat the first half hour after take off and the last hour of the flight. Makes it interesting for a 90 minute flight doesn't it? And Senator Schumer, stay off your cell phone or lose it. No more delaying flights or having a crew member suffer your verbal abuse.

You represent us. Be one of us! Maybe then the review of the system Obama asked for might be actually be worth while!

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