Monday, January 04, 2010

Hitting The New Year Running!

I'm exhausted and haven't even looked at my computer since Saturday! It's called taking down the decorations! I didn't even check my e-mail! Whew. It didn't seem such a chore putting them up! But then, I'm a neat freak when it comes to taking the special ornaments off the tree, carefully wrapping them then packing them.

We also went a little crazy with more garlands around the house and more ribbons so I had to find extra tubs for storage. Thanks heavens for pizza at days end!

I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at our snail mail card list as I checked off names. It brought back memories of an annual conversation with Mom about those from whom there was no card. Explaining to her that being in her 90s she had out lived most of them was of no comfort. They had been her friends and she wondered... I find I'm getting too close to those years. She made me promise to write everyone in her address book when she was gone so they'd not have to wonder about that card that didn't come. It was a bittersweet chore when I did it because of the wonderful remembrances I received in return. I think Mom would have liked to have written similar notes to the families of her friends.

Now days who knows? The postal service no longer forwards mail so if someone has moved I have no way of knowing. Most likely no one gives a thought to an address book and who in it might wonder...

So here we are. Everything is packed and stored. The house has been thoroughly vacuumed though I have a ton of cleaning to do. We resumed our exercise programs. The diet to shed holiday excesses begins today for in earnest. And I'm back to my computer.

I can't wait. There has been so much I've been just itching to comment upon! I even subscribed to a clipart service so I don't have to spend hours searching for appropriate illustrations! One stop shopping.

I'll let this suffice for today...but, I'm back!

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Margie's Musings said...

Hey! I've really missed you. I thought you'd died and gone to heaven.