Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Our Foreign Policy - Scold Then Withhold

Have you noticed how our foreign policy is being run these days? We go into already war torn countries, scold them because al Qaeda is within their borders and threaten to close the purse full of aid unless they are eliminated. Except the purse never seems to close.

First we were angry with Pakistan because they weren't active enough in routing out the bad guys from impenetrable territory. Forget the fact they are also worried about India on the other side of their country. They even have what passes for an army. We thought pouring millions into their coffers would bring better results. It didn't. Have we closed the purse? Nah.

Iraq speaks for itself. Violence against one another goes on. Having dismissed their military when we took over the country has left them with the rag tag force we've put together. The same applies to their government. We've held their hand through out it's formation and it remains shaky at best. Have we closed the purse? Not by a long shot.

We've threatened Iran with sanctions yet we wait while their own people fight for liberty. How often have we delayed implementation?

Afghanistan is an interesting case. We're pouring millions into a country with, again, an unstable and ethically challenged government. Two thirds of of Karzai's cabinet appointees have been denied. I wish our representatives could tell the President no, the choice is not qualified for the job. Maybe cabinet positions would then be filled with someone other than those who represent political payback.

In Afghanistan, however, it is suspected Karzai put these people up on purpose, knowing they'd be denied, so he could move in a whole new group of cronies. Our continued aid there is dependent on the stabilization of the government. Ha! We're busy bribing the population in hopes that they'll stick with us. They will. As long as the money is there.

Now there is Yemen. They don't much like us either. Their al Qaeda cells are very active. They are everywhere, you see. Had the man who attempted bombing the Christmas flight had not been trained in Yemen they would probably just be there working out their own problems. So what to we do? Demand they crack down or their aid will be halted. Never mind they have a secession war in the south of their country and a civil war in the north. As long as al Qaeda stays out of the mix, it's the least of their problems. A bigger one is the U.S. coming in and demanding our needs must be addressed before their own.

We wonder why we're not liked. NBC's Richard Engel said it all the other night during an interview. It's time to understand there is no "front" to this war. Al Qaeda is everywhere and they, like their ancestry, are perfectly comfortable leading a nomadic life. In their case, however, it's to find safe haven long enough to plan evil. If run out of Yemen they'll find another impoverished country to infiltrate.i

We're stretched to the limit in this war. It is a war. What I don't see is an understanding of the enemy nor the countries who house them. Until we do all the money in the world will not buy peace. We're trying to fight an enemy who is not considered such in their own part of the world. Buying off the people is a temporary fix at best.

We need the CIA of old. We really do.

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Margie's Musings said...

I couldn't agree more. We never learn.