Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just STOP!

I'm beginning to think the Democrats have a death wish. It's puzzling to me since the Republicans are in no position to take advantage of it.

Back to health care once again. If you've been following it on the news you know Obama is on another of his campaign trips trying to convince us we're going to love the bill once it's passed. Since we don't know what they plan to do with it, I'd say that is iffy at best.

If the House passes the Senate bill without getting the language they dislike changed on the promise it will be fixed after the fact they are even dumber than I think. There is no honor in either of those august institutions any more.

However, the "no" votes seem to be in jeopardy. How can that be if they have the courage of their convictions? Easy. They don't. After all, what are all these closed door meetings with the President about? More deals! As Kathleen Parker pointed out in her column this morning, the "Cornhusker Kickback" wasn't rescinded, but expanded upon. Rather than eliminating the favor to one state, it has been adjusted down but extended to all the states adding billions to the cost! There was also the "Louisiana Purchase". Now there are special perks for Florida, aptly named "Gatorade" and goodies for "The Frontier States" of Nevada, Montana. Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah!

Where does it stop? Every little favor granted adds to the bill and we all know who gets to pay the tab. People are beginning to ask if the intent is to lower the cost of health care why is it costing $10 trillion to do so! Good question.

I have never, in my relatively long life, seen an administration spit in the eye of it's constituency the way this one does. How can there be any more doubt that it's all about ideology and having nothing to do with what the people want.

Today's piece of theater is Harry Reid attempting to change the Senate rules to get rid of the filibuster which is the minority's weapon of last resort. The timing is telling. It's one more slap in the face. It's their way or the highway.

I doubt he will succeed. As I said, it's theater. To me it's just another attempt at intimidation.

Powerful people who supported Obama have for some time advised him he was trying too much too fast. He doesn't listen to them either and has willing accomplices in Reid and Pelosi.

If the Blue Dogs who oppose the health care bill fold and Stupak and his people fold you'll know they've been bought. We do have recourse, though. Stronger than the filibuster. It's called the ballot box.

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Word Tosser said...

Pelosi was on Charlie Rose on PBS today(probably a rerun) and I was trying to keep up with her..but felt like it was like trying to keep up with a double talking con man. Finally one thing I did understand... she said she didn't know what was in the health bill. And he tried to pin her down on that, asking how could she NOT know what was in it.. she said because the wording keeps changing. WTH???
You know this is really the time for the 3rd party to step up with reasonable people and not nut cases... Because both of these parties are shameful.
Guess I will have to use my "none of the above" marker again. Won't solve anything but I will feel better.