Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Yesterday, just before the news at noon, I caught the tail end of the Ellen DeGeneres show. It was a quiz segment for a stack of hidden prizes. Three young ladies were called from the audience. They were, I'd say, at the very least in their mid-twenties if not early thirties. When you get to be my age everyone looks like a child so this is just a guess. They were not in their teens.

Dressed in what I suppose is considered casual chic these days, they ran squealing to the stage, jumped up and down and hugged one another knowing full well they were in competition. Okay, it was fun and games. Why not show some enthusiasm.

The questions were pure silliness, which is perfectly fine for such a segment. What holiday falls on December 25th. Really tough stuff. You can be sure they all knew the answer as to whom Katie Holmes was married. But wait. Oh my. Ellen threw in a couple of real tough ones. The first that sent the contestant through the floor to the depths of despair was "Who is our Vice President?"

The look of shock before becoming totally blank was fascinating. Ellen gave her longer than I suspect was usual. Nothing. The contestant hadn't a clue. The next to fall victim had another toughie, "Who was our second President?" Okay, maybe U.S. history wasn't foremost in the young lady's mind. But our Vice President?

I won't single out those who visit the Ellen Show in particular. You hear far too many young people drawing blanks at such questions be it a man on the street quiz for print or on air. One wonders if these people vote!

If so, it isn't the Democrats or Republicans we need fear. It's those who walk among us. If every vote counts I have to wonder just what they are voting for!


Margie's Musings said...

For several years I have said the scariest thing about America today isn't the deficit or crime, it's ignorance. Very few people know anything at all about our government. Most haven't a clue about writing a theme. Most cannot spell anything longer then their own name.

People vote for someone who is pretty or handsome and don't know a thing about the issues.

Our founding fathers may have had something when they originally wanted to just have the educated do the voting.

Eli Fitzgerald said...

You bring up some great points. Great blog! This one is not good!