Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ultimate Enablers

It's a rainy, cool Sunday afternoon and I'm taking a break from the political madness unfolding daily. I'm going to address the on going social madness instead.

Yes, the role models for bad behavior are back in the news today. Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. It's unusual for them to appear at the same time but then I'm sure they don't follow each other's social faux pas on Twitter. Twitter. You've got to love it. And the drug addled brainiacs who use it. Like Hilton and Lohan. You'd think they'd get that lying to the police won't work when they've twittered their minions about indiscretions just moments before being caught!

What now? Hilton for having cocaine drop from her purse in front of police while pulling out a lip balm then denying the purse was hers after twittering a few days before how much she loved it, with a picture yet! She's on probation. Again.

Lohan for failing her latest drug test. Again.

You know, in a way I feel sorry for these young ladies. Lohan, 24 and Hilton, 29. They've been indulged all their lives in some of the most egregious examples of "parenting" you can find. For a long time I've blamed the parents for being the enablers. Those who turn a blind eye to their children's self-destructive behavior. Mostly because they are more than likely indulging in it themselves.

Even though the young ladies are of legal age and certainly old enough to assume some responsibility for themselves, they are conducting themselves in the only way they've ever known. Indulged by parents through youth to become self-indulgent adults.

It goes deeper, however. The real enablers, the ones most at fault, are the lawyers and judges who time after time give these young women a pass. They have yet to serve an entire sentence. Overcrowding is always the excuse. Court mandated rehab is often cut short or ignored.

These ladies are going to end up like Anna Nicole Smith if they're not careful. They don't need jail time. They need serious rehab behind locked doors so they can't walk away. No ifs, ands or buts. It will never happen.

Lohan thinks she's a good actress. I don't think the critics agree but at the rate she's going she'll never prove them wrong. I have no idea if Ms. Hilton is capable of anything other than posing before a camera. That cannot sustain her forever. What neither seems to understand is that their addictions are robbing them. Of their money, their reputations, their talent such as it is, and most of all their youth and beauty, such as that may be.

It's really no longer newsworthy. It's probably not even worth this post. It is sad.


Margie's Musings said...

Yes, it is sad and the saddest of all is that if some of us "ordinary" folks did the same thing these rich young ladies do...and get away with ...we would end up either in jail or in rehab whether we wanted it or not.

These police and judges are not doing them any favors.

Betty said...

You're right, it is no longer newsworthy. You can tell that even the media are getting tired of reporting it. And, right again, the lawyers and judges are enablers. They should know better and be ashamed of themselves.

raymond pert said...

What I hate the most about all of this is the waste of talent. I'm thinking of Lindsay Lohan, not Paris Hilton. I think Lindsay Lohan does have promise as an actress and it's a shame to see her waste it the way she does.

Margie's Musings said...

She is doing what Whitney Houston did....throwing away her opportunities...all for drugs.