Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Bother Concealing Weapons?

There was a tidbit I came across this morning about North Carolina Representative (R) Renee Ellmers planning to carry a gun to public events. Her colleague, Representative (D) Heath Shuler has, according to his staff, been doing so for some time.

I'm not sure this solves anything. I got to wondering what circumstances would cause me to unholster a weapon. I drew a blank.

Had Gabby Giffords been carrying, it would have done her no good. When someone walks up to you, puts a gun to your head and fires you don't even know what's happening, what's more have enough of your wits to draw and fire faster. Nope. It wouldn't have helped.

As for Shuler and Ellmers, and others who probably follow suit, I wonder what their fear level may be. A heckler? Someone walking towards them? Without a weapon in sight shooting them would be inexcusable. A person in the crowd? The chances of seeing them first - slim. Even if so, could those standing around said person be missed in a take down effort? Maybe if one is a sharpshooter. I doubt either are that good.

If we're going to act like it's the old west where everyone wore guns on their hip, perhaps that's what we should do. Wear your gun fully visible. Seeing it, no one would know your level of proficiency, but they would know you are armed. That should serve as a deterrent of sorts.

There is another alternative. If you're so afraid of your constituency, either don't run for office or be sure you have a trained security contingent working the crowd. Even that would not have helped Gabby.

Unfortunately bad things happen to good people. Arming ourselves will not prevent it. Ever.

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Word Tosser said...

The trouble with crowds is exactly what happen.. innocent people get shot too...
Would body guards prevented the Senator being shot? Maybe, as they are like radar going back and forth with their eyes looking at the crowd. Especially when this man wrote threatening letters to her. I also wonder about the two
Representatives... how good is their shooting? How many innocent people will they end up shooting?
Have they taken the police course where you walk thru a village have people jumping out at you, and you decide in an instant do you shoot or not?