Monday, January 24, 2011

Palin ~ Like Bees To Honey

I remember not too long ago Donald Trump said he'd consider a run at the Presidency if Sarah Palin runs. So far both are on hold. Today we learn Rudy Giuliani is considering tossing his hat in the ring once again ~ for the same reason!  Is this a case of opposites attract or likes repel?

It's getting close to time to announce.  Fund raising is already in full swing.  Obama has thrown down the gauntlet as far as expected money is concerned.  One billion dollars! An obscene amount for a election during this time of need for fiscal restraint. An obscene amount for an election anytime!

No matter.  All three of them can afford it. You see, they work in the private sector and have made their own success.  Pity the poor politician like Tim Pawlenty who's ambition is hampered by that alone plus having somewhat of a low key personality. He'll pale by comparison in a debate!

There are a hoard of other wannabes on the Republican side.  Familiar faces like Mitt Romney and  Ron Paul. Yawn.  Newt Gingrich can probably out talk all of them but he's too expedient.  Michelle Bachmann?  I wonder how Sarah would feel about that!

As a friend commented over lunch a few days ago, admitting we're likely to have Obama for a second term, "Who else is there?  Really."

A good question to which I have no answer.  Rather than agonizing over what to me, at least for the moment, is obvious,  it's time to turn my attention to keeping a balance to the Presidency in the House and Senate.

Meanwhile I'm going to sit back and watch what I imagine will be spectacular political theater.  Theater of the absurd.


Margie's Musings said...

You are so right! There's nobody running worth winning. I have no idea who I would vote for. Too bad Hilary isn't running.

Word Tosser said...

isn't there a recession going on? Oh, I forgot... during election time there is no recession for them. To bad we couldn't have the parties put 1/2 their money into good uses on the, I can dream, can't I... lol