Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wrestling With The TSA

Finally someone with stature has had enough of the "highly trained" screeners  of the TSA. Former professional wrestler and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura has filed suit against the TSA for invasive pat-downs. I've often wondered why someone of note hasn't stepped up before.

When Janet Napolitano recently visited Israel and witnessed their security procedures she told us they wouldn't work here because we have too many people passing through our airports. It wouldn't, of course, have anything to do with the fact our screeners are anything but highly trained and we won't profile.

I'm thinking we could probably get those figures closer together if the TSA would accept documentation verifying metal implants that the fancy dan machines don't seem to recognize,  exclude the infirm and elderly and young children, including babies in arms. They might also worry a bit less about the obese they were complaining about. Why is it they prefer fondling genitals rather than a roll of fat?

Let's face it. Our homeland security just doesn't do the job. No reports are released about the number of actual terrorists that have actually been caught with these methods. My guess is none. I also wonder if they are funding all this nonsense with the goods they confiscate or do the agents get to take home the good stuff. Throwing it out seems a terrible waste, but then that's because it belonged to we the people, not the government.

I hesitate to mention it, but one can still cross the border into Canada and return home without having to go through a body scanner or suffer through a pat down. I would think any "terrorist" with a wit of sense would find this the preferable way to enter the country!

Airport searches really don't work. Fences and walls along our southern border do not work. Cameras do not work. Drones won't be any better unless there are feet on the ground with authority to arrest illegals. The government seems not to want to supply them.

Oh, yeah. Posturing doesn't work either. I've heard profiling done by "highly trained" professionals works in some countries. Do the numbers passing through really matter?

It's still my "right" to think it might not. I wish Mr. Ventura success. Maybe he should make it a class action suit.

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Word Tosser said...

I find it hard to believe that there is that much differences in the people in the airports...
Also they start at the sidewalk, then you snake thru the line and reading people's body language,and eye contact has nailed each one they found.. and the time from the sidewalk to the gate? 20 minutes max... which is a heck of a lot quicker than ours..
I think it is just an excuse not to change...