Saturday, February 19, 2011

Greed Is NOT Good!

I will say, right off the bat, I am not pro union. The situation in Wisconsin, and spreading, makes me mad. Mad that the public sector, including teachers, are so greedy they refuse to recognize they are part of our fiscal problems.  They are not being asked to make a huge sacrifice.  Only to pay a share of their pension costs and benefits.  Both of which are extremely rich when compared to the norm.  How else do you describe it other than greed?

Even more then with their monetary demands is the fact that the teachers are taking to the picket line.

Oh, the fuss they make when a snow day has to be taken. We have to have the children in the class room so many days of the year. It's the law. The hypocrisy!

It's against the law for teachers to strike. Yet there they are. Not only breaking the law by striking, but lying about it to boot by calling in sick! These are teachers. We pay them to teach our children. And what are the kids learning? That it's okay to break the law when it hits the pocket book? That it's okay to lie when it hits the pocket book? Every last one of the should be fired. The parents should demand it and the school districts should enforce it.

Then there is the political side of the issue.  The governor ran on bringing the unions into line.  And he has the votes in the legislature to do it.  So what do the Democrats do rather than their job?  Run out of state and hide hoping to force a concession from the governor.  Stay in session and vote!  It's your job.  The state should dock your pay every day you're absent!

The final degradation is the President taking sides in a state issue by having his  pro union organizers get involved.  He is way out of bounds.

I have no problem with an organization that works for the best interests of its members, but when they over reach in tactics and the results are harmful to others, then it needs to be addressed.  Such is the way it is with unions today.  Are those richer benefits really worth the millions they add to deficits?  Are the tactics used to obtain them really the way your business should be conducted.  Can you really be proud of either?

This is really a case where the "haves" are thumbing their nose at the needs of  the "have nots."  It's not pretty.  Unfortunately, it does seem to be American.


Word Tosser said...

Maybe they should do what they did in R.I. last year... fire them all.

Unions were great for the sweat shops and child labor in the 1920' and 30's... but now it is a blackmail businss... You pay each month to keep your job... it is call union dues. And the Union does quite well.. money for themselves. Why people want to keep them is beyond me.. who wants to pay hundreds of $$ a month to keep a job. it should be illegal.

jangellar said...

The union members have taken a cut already and have offered to cover more of the cost of health care and pensions. Any shortfall was made worse by the legislature passing an approximate $100 million in tax cuts for business in January.
As far as I am concerned trying to strip them of their bargaining rights is union busting plain and simple. I don't blame them for fighting back.
Unions are far from perfect, but they have brought all of us a lot of good things. Like the 5 day work week, paid vacations, laws against child labor, and on and on. A lot of good people died to get those things. How long do you think any of us would have that once the unions are destroyed? Not long I'll bet.
Just to set the record straight, I am not and never have been a union member but I will fight for their bargaining rights. To try to take those away is just plain unamerican in my mind.