Thursday, March 10, 2011


Rafsanjani, the only moderate in Iran's power structure has been moved aside.  Saudis are firing on protesters in their country.  Gadaffi continues to slaughter his people.

What is our President doing?  Holding a conference on bullying!  I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I can't help wonder what is wrong with the world that it can sit by, bickering, while thousands  are being slaughtered.  I've gotten tired reading about it.  I've gotten tired of writing about it.  But the conference on bullying just got me.

At least the French are still pushing for some type of intervention in Libya. We have certainly backed off our brief stand that Gaddafi must go.  We're right in there with the rest of the world waiting for a consensus opinion from NATO.  By the time they come up with one, if ever, there won't be any people left to save!  Meanwhile it gets more and more ugly.  News crews are now continually being roughed up.  What's next?  Another Danny Pearl?

As of right now it doesn't look like the turmoil is going to end any time soon.  It continues to worsen.  What has been learned from this is if your citizens rise in revolt you don't have to worry about the U.S. flexing any muscle.  Ask Iran.  Ask Egypt.  Ask Libya.  There was a time, if we really felt we needed NATO approval, we'd ask and we'd get it.  We no longer have that kind of stroke.   That the French may is astounding.

So far we aren't a country that takes to the streets to oust our government.  It's a good thing because if we citizens were driven to that point and were out gunned at every turn, there's little comfort to know the rest of the world would wring their hands wondering what to do.

We have little worry though.  To quell a rebellion would require making a decision.  It could be delegated, but like in Egypt, the military might opt for the protesters.


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