Sunday, March 06, 2011

Is Speech Free For Everyone?

"Kids say the darndest things" said one time television host Art Linkletter.  So do adults.  And while it drives me crazy sometimes, it's one of the rights we still have.  What I find curious is how the rule isn't applied equally.

Just this past week the Supreme Court has said the Westboro Baptist Church people have every right to spew their hate at military funerals.  Decency is not part of the issue.

Michael Moore is free to go to Wisconsin and in all his corpulent glory tells us that the money the rich has was stolen from us.  Well, he's rich and it doesn't appear the cost of food hasn't inhibited his consumption of it. Maybe he'd like to share a bit more with the unions .

We're privy to the maniacal ravings of Charlie Sheen on a daily basis.  We listen to the semi-accurate ravings of Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Matthews, Graham, Colter, Savage, etc.  Glenn Beck is thought by many to be genuinely certifiable yet there he is day in and day out pontificating on FOX.

On the other hand we have Don Imus, Keith Olbermann and Juan Williams who lost their jobs for speaking their minds.

Yes, sometimes the passion with which utterences are delivered can be offensive, but who is to decide where the line should be drawn?

Today we can add one more to the list.  Catherine Grandy, who had a regular spot on husband  Fred's WMAL radio talk show in D.C,  was banned from his show for taking on radical Islam. He followed suit by resigning.

The Supreme Court, in it's ruling, has pretty much given a pass to whatever anyone chooses to say.  You could argue that it's where they say it but that doesn't wash either.  Radio and television are just that, for the right, the left and everything in between.

I disagree with a lot that is said and the way it is said, but if it's allowed under First Amendment rights then it should be allowed for everyone across the board.  We always have the option of the off button.


marlu said...

It is puzzling why some remain who rant and others who have ranted are gone. . . or at least are in another venue.
I agree with you; there is always the off button.
The bad part is that those who listen to the ranters on the left never hear the ones on the right; and vice versa. I've tried both and can hardly believe what I hear from both sides. Thanks for expressing your thoughts so clearly!

Betty said...

Sorry, but I wonder what Michael Moore's "corpulence" has to do with free speech. Of course, the First Amendment gives you the absolute right to talk about his size, but, I'm just sayin'.

Dogwalk said...

It's not his size but what it symbolizes when he speaks of how the citizens are being robbed for the benefit of the rich. Point being he doesn't look like he's suffering from the very thing about which he preaches. He's rich. Is he too guilty? I'm just sayin'

JeanC said...

1st Amendment means the government can't stifle your free speech. You can stand on the street corner all you want and shout it loud.

1st Amendment does not mean a private company, such as a radio station, has to give you the spot to do so. It is their company and if they decide there are some things they don't want you saying on their time and equipment, then they are free to do so.

The Grandys want to say what they want, they can either find a like minded station who is willing to let them talk or else start their own radio station or just find some other avenue to to it.

Liberal Stupidity said...

I found you from blogfarm, I do like your blog. I'm probably slightly to the right of you, but really like all conversation. I have followed your blog.