Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not The Best Week For The President

Sometimes I actually feel sorry for the guy.  When even the Black Caucus states they're tired of making excuses for him, you know things aren't going well.

He's being criticized for his shiny big new black bus.  Never mind it and it's companion have been in the works for years.  Do mind, however, it was made in Canada.  It's a rolling fortress.  Strange, for a country supposedly ruled by laws, not men.

It's tough when one of your secret service men gets picked up for a DUI in Iowa!  He obviously wasn't in Ames unless the Ames Purity League that ruled the roost when I was in college has eased up.  At the time you could only get 3.2 beer.  But then maybe the Secret Service has more sophisticated tastes. College kids' beverages of choice was either the 3.2 beer or sloe gin and coke.  Makes my stomach churn just thinking about it! But then college kids were poor in those days not to mention mostly underage.

Then too, there's the criticism that the President has no clue as to how to create jobs except continue what has already failed.  Pour more money into the government. Do you get the feeling that he just doesn't get it?

Maybe he needs a vacation.  Oh, yeah, he's going to Martha's Vineyards to hob nob with all those rich folks.  You know, the private jet set he so wants to tax.  If he hadn't been there before I'd wonder how he'll be received.  The only one that will be put out will be the folks like you and  me who will lose hotel rooms, beach space and restaurant tables.  Oh well.  Go some place else.

We are.  Another mini vacation for the remainder of the week.  There's a western art show in Helena and The Bair Family Museum outside Martinsdale is having it's grand re-opening after a make over to protect its art treasures.  Montana.  No beaches, that's for sure. No secret service.  Maybe some security personnel but nothing obtrusive.  Just big sky and fresh air and georgeous scenery.

I wouldn't trade him my week nor my vacation!

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