Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybe These Vacations Aren't All That Bad!

Summer isn't my favorite time to travel, being basically an unsociable type.  I much prefer late spring or fall.  In the summer it's nice to just chill at home.  While everyone else is on vacation!

Bloggers blog less frequently.  Facebook updates are more about travel and family than politics.  Other than the occasional earthquake or hurricane, things just sort of drift along. The living is easy.

I've concluded that both the President and Congress are exactly where they should be this idyllic time of year.  Out of Washington D.C.  Where they can do no harm.   Hopefully.

If you stay away from the O'Reillys and Gretas and Hannitys and Cooper and Blitzer and probably the MSNBC group which I no longer watch its pretty nice.  If you do watch any of them it's like a soap opera where the same story line progresses at a snail's pace for months.  It's hard to get behind.  What the 'conservative' mouthpieces are doing is continuing to blame Obama for everything.  The liberals continue to blame Bush.  Ho hum.

If you listen very carefully, though, you'll find that guests that are always in agreement with the hosts are also in short supply.  If you really listen carefully you'll hear those guests lay blame where it really belongs.  Congress.  After all, they are the ones who have passed the legislation that has gotten us into this mess.  Both parties over quite a long time.  And of course the Presidents who have signed it.  All the Presidents for quite a long time.  Republican and Democrat.  But not just the Presidents.

So vacation is good.  It gives us a break from it.  It gives Congress a break from it and it gives the President a break from it.

As fall approaches with it's brilliant blue skies and refreshing nip in the air, we can only hope Congress will come back refreshed too.  And the President.  And that somewhere along the way they actually interacted with their constituents and listened to them.  Listened to them. That the needs of the nation will suddenly become more important than partisan politics and re-election.

Ahhh, dream on woman, dream on.  Enjoy it while you can.  I feel the heat of the campaign isn't akin to Indian Summer as much as a precursor of the deep freeze that comes with winter.   Will it be the weather or politics that chill us to the bone? I'll hope for the weather but bet on politics.

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Margie's Musings said...

Unless the president improves his 38% approval rating, he will be a one term president. But unfortunately, there's no one on the horizon....except John Huntsman...who the pundits say hasn't a chance at all.