Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving

The obvious reasons not withstanding, I have another reason for looking forward to next week.  I know what the flavor will be.  Turkey with all the trimmings.  At least for many of us.  There are so many directions I could go with this, but not having written a post for a week, I'll stick with my old staple - politics.

Republican politics to be exact.  I cannot recall ever seeing candidates come and go from favor so quickly or for such a strange mix of reasons.

To date I have to agree with some of my readers who have yet to find a candidate to back.  I have real doubts about their intentions.  I guess that's because I got snookered last time around.

A quick review.  Romney is viewed as the most likely nominee.  I do not fear his being Mormon and he really wants the job yet for some reason he just doesn't grab me.  That doesn't mean I wouldn't vote for him, yet...

Current flavor - Newt.  If he would just leave Reagan out of the equation I'd feel better.  Reagan was of a time long gone.  We need to be looking ahead.  His grey hair and grandfatherly manner belies an ambition not clearly defined.  Beware the silver tongue.

Most recently displaced - Cain. His knowledge of foreign policy has always been suspect.  After this past week so is his knowledge of current events like Obama's stand on Libya.  Not yet ready for the Presidency.

Perry.  I've got to admit I love his idea of cutting congressional salaries and making them part time.  Also starting his foreign aid budgets at zero.  The problem is how is he going to accomplish this?  The era of non-stop executive orders is treading on thin ice.

Paul.  The campaign's Libertarian.  Leaning toward the libertarian philosophy myself, less government, I applaud his tenacity.  His foreign policy ideas, though, don't wash.  It's always that foreign policy!

Santorum.  Considering he spent a ton of time in Iowa and has made family values his bellwether issue, he hasn't caught on.  I know what I'm not seeing, I wonder what the Iowans aren't seeing.

Bachmann was so hot out of the chute.  Her strength would seem to be her congressional battles even though she doesn't win them.  Her conversations with God through just about everyone may not sit well with others as well as myself.

Huntsman.  Here's a candidate who has yet to really run except in New Hampshire.  I have to wonder about the unfairness of our campaign funding laws that prevents one who could be in the top tier from being there because of a lack of start up money.  He's banking on New Hampshire yet I haven't heard that he's expected to be among the top three.  I'd not necessarily agree but I'd like to know the reason.

I don't take the flavor of the week seriously.  It's showing me a very fickle electorate.  What is it they want?  Humor like Cain?  Right wing conservatism?  I hope not. Hindsight and what I did when...?  More of the same only under a different banner?  What?

It won't be long before those decisions have to be made and I get the feeling the electorate isn't at all ready.  I know I'm not.  That worries me.


John Dwyer said...

I have not been excited about a presidential candidate (for either side) since Barry Goldwater in 1964. The main reason I became excited for him was Lyndon Johnson's ad with the little girl holding the flower and an atomic bomb exploding in the background. I believe that ad began the partisan bickering and avoidance of real issues.

Word Tosser said...

I agree with you... do you suppose it is that they started so early out the shoot? but it seems we were being laid out last time about this time too.. I don't know. I have been voting long enough I know they all lie.. they will say anything to get in. Seen it in the past... and last time around has made me really leery this time around. We have a year to go and I am already wore out and don't want to hear anymore. At least not until next June when we get serious.. but I don't see it getting any better by then either.

Margie's Musings said...

I've examined each candidate and found terrible flaws in them all. I know everyone has flaws but we don't want such glaring ones in a president...especially right now.

I can't get excited about Romney either. He has no pazazz. I would be bored to death with him as president and he has flip flopped so many times on issues, I have no idea where he stands from day to day.