Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Movement Without Leadership Is A Mob

The 'Occupy Wall Street' movement has had its say and has run it's course.  It's time to pack up and go home before your intent is totally diminished.

From the headlines we learn of a dead man found in Salt Lake, TB in Atlanta, 'Zucotti' (park) lung in New York, suicide in Oakland and murder in Vermont.  Property is being destroyed.

Just what message are you trying to send?  The people hear only what is reported and this is it.  Protests are your right.  Breaking the law is not.  Yet city after city has given the movement a pass.

You've bragged about your lack of leadership.  Rethink that one.  It's time to get some leadership if you want to continue.  Your message has been lost and your movement hijacked by hooligans.  Those Democrats who applaud you and the unions who support you are wearing thin with those trying to run businesses or just plain live within your proximity.  Filth and mayhem is no way to make your point so clean up your act or go away.

Why isn't this being done?  Is it because you have no leadership to point you in a cohesive direction?  Is it because you have no leadership to tell the hooligan element they're not welcome?  Is it because you have no leadership to help authorities maintain order?  Is it because you have no leadership people are dying?  As individuals, are you proud of this?  Without leadership your future is no more than a footnote to the chaos that was 2011.

With leadership you might have done as was suggested.  Converge on Washington D.C. where all the ills you complain about have their origins.  They write the regulations, they accept the lobby money, they turn a blind eye when expedient then are shocked, shocked when one of the favored takes things too far.

With winter here it's time to pack up the tents and head for home.  If you really want to be heard register to vote and do so.  Flaunting the law and antagonizing the citizenry isn't the way to do it.


Word Tosser said...

They have be come (yawn) those nuts in the town square (or which ever they are at) and now many of them really are for the cause now? How many of them are the ones just wanting the freebies of free food, lodging, and etc? No, they should have quit while they were ahead, and gave it up 2 weeks in.. with a head person to go on with the protest at DC... with members for back up if needed. now they are just a messy mob...

Margie's Musings said...

I agree. Now they are just a nuisance. They need to go home, register and vote. That how things get chnaged. Vote.