Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Romney Changing His Image?

Ah, the debates.  I watched a bit of the one last night.  They're getting to be a bit redundant at this point but they do give people a chance to see the candidates up close even if scripted.

I think Cain handled his situation well but he still won't get my vote on substance.  Too many areas where his knowledge is shakey. All the hoo ha over Perry's gaffe seems to me to be over blown.  Anyone who has to keep the pace the candidates do deserve a brain freeze now and then.  My generation calls them senior moments. It shouldn't be a campaign ender.  Newt as usual dazzles with his background knowledge on nearly everything.  No surprises from any of the rest of them - except Romney!

I wondered if anyone else had noticed the wisps of hair hanging down on his forehead!  Jerry Doyle did.  He was talking about it on his show this afternoon wondering if the people in make up thought Mitt should loosen up is image a bit. It wouldn't hurt.

The other thing I noticed is he actually showed some passion now and then.  I thought it was great!  It seems likely he'll get the nomination though at the moment he's not my first choice.  He is one I could live with.  From a purely entertainment stand point, I'd like to see Newt for the singular reason of watching the debates between him and Obama.  Probably wishful thinking, but wow.

I also watched the body language with interest.  All the men would look at the person speaking.  Michele Bachmann stared straight ahead.  She reminded me of a mannequin.  It was surprising since she is usually quite animated!  Maybe she's just tired from leading all those fights in Congress.

In thinking about Mitt, though, one thing he has been is consistent.  His poll numbers have remained consistent.  His message has been consistent.  He's had enough practice, that's for sure.  But I rather like it.  After all the 'personalities'  to whom we've been subjected perhaps someone who is methodical and steady, isn't easily flustered, and actually has opinions and a willingness to defend them isn't all bad.

That he flip flops does not set him apart from any other candidate.  They all do what they think at the moment is expeditious.  It's a fact of life.  I'm beginning to agree with those who say there is no perfect candidate.  They all have their flaws.  What those flaws are matter more.

I want in our next President a man who both other world leaders and our own Congress will respect.  Most of all one who isn't going to try change the country into his own personal image of what it should be.  Will it be Romney?  I don't know.  I just hope showing some passion and appearing with mussed hair doesn't mean he's getting over confident and sloppy!


Word Tosser said...

I thought Newt was a little long in the tooth at the beginning, but each of these debates where the others are so bad... not just the forgetfulness, just in general..
That at least Newt has the knowledge.. I am not impressed with Mitt, he is like vanilla.. kind of plain and hard to figure out.. but also better than the rest of the crowd. So far, I haven't seen anyone I want to use my vote on.

Margie's Musings said...

Mormons with the "heed to council" beliefs scare me too much to vote for him.

If the Republicans had come up with a viable candidate this time, I would have voted for him/her. But I'll stay with what I know. This is no time for surprises.