Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Thanks We Get

Every time I turn around it seems Americans are being blamed for all the ills facing the nations of the world ruled by radical Islamists.

It certainly gives one pause to listen to Ron Paul and just stay away!  Even if we get involved, say in Syria, it should be made clear it's for the sake of humanity; that no government has the right to slaughter it's own people.  Depose the government then get out.

We should be doing it now.  Other countries, like Turkey are willing to get involved but are waiting for some leadership from America.  Well, with this administration, forget that.

It brings us around to the current cycle of violence against us in Afghanistan.  Where days after the fact our soldiers are still being targeted for having burned some Korans. Desecrating the holy books is punishable  by death. To the infidels!  Us. They seem to forget that their own people are the ones who desecrated them, not our soldiers.  They had been written in and were being passed around to relay messages of jihad.  But it's so much more enjoyable to blame Americans and kill them while shouting God is great!

I was thinking about what symbol of ourselves we hold most dear.  Our flag.  How many times have we seen it burned by unruly mobs who hate us.  Yet we do not go out and slaughter them in return.

We have even seen it happen by our own citizens.  They are protected under the first amendment.  Freedom of speech, or if you will, expression.  It rankles our sensibilities to be sure, but somehow to our way of thinking it's a right that we have, no matter how distastefully it's being utilized.

I must agree with those who are encouraging more diplomacy in the handling of Iran, more people of the same ilk as the Afghanistans.  Should a war break out over Iran's nuclear ambitions it's lose lose for everyone involved. And we will bear the brunt of the blame whether or not we deserve it.  It's the nature of the beast and the depth of the hatred.

How many American lives is it worth losing for a mindset we cannot change?


Margie's Musings said...

None! We need to learn to stay out of the business of other nations. If they came here and invaded us, we would be up in arms too.

First Korea, then Viet Nam and now Iraq and Afghanistan and possibly Iran. How they govern is none of our business. Their own people should take care of their business. We don't want other nations here trying to tell us how to run our country!

Anonymous said...

Well-written, Mari!

if America sits and watches these atrocities unfold, we are "this", if we move in to end the daily suffering we are "that"...That old saying about "damned if you do, and damned if you don't" comes to mind.