Friday, February 24, 2012

To Run Or Not To Run

Have you ever wondered why some candidates run?  Like Mitt Romney.  He's been running since the last time he ran and doesn't seem to have learned anything from the experience.  Is it just for the title?  One more addition for the trophy case?

Both Dole and McCain had an 'it's my turn' demeanor about them.  Obama probably wanted to be the first president of color for the historical value; he certainly has had no interest in governing.  Newt acts as though he's entitled.  Paul is frustrated because no one takes him seriously, insisting he can't win yet he continues to try.  I have no idea where Santorum is coming from.  The field leaves the Republican party in dire straights against a president who is so weak I could blow him over with my breath.  Yet unless something miraculous happens, he will win.

Now Jeb Bush, who is one of the many thought able yet declined, is worried about his party and it's candidates.  He feels that they are running on people's fears and emotions.  He's right but not for the real reasons.  People's fears?  Right.  They fear one of these guys might actually win.  Well, one will, be he Democrat or Republican.  Emotions?  It's frustration and disappointment that this is the best the country can come up with.  It's frightening.

Bush is wrong too.  The ideology of fear, hatred and division he feels the Republicans have pushed too long is what is being resonated isn't, unless he's looking at the candidates attitudes toward each other.  The nastiness of the super PAC ads is certainly causing division among themselves.  They want us to hate their opponent yet all I detect really is self loathing just as a superiority complex often hides an inferiority complex. That they have had to stoop to such a low in tactics says little for their vision or leadership abilities.  Fear.  As I said before.  One of them will win.

Asked if he might run as a consensus candidate Bush said absolutely not.  So he'll leave it to those who at least had the guts to get into the race to bumble along alienating their base as well as the independents they so sorely need.

The whole problem goes way beyond party loyalty.  It goes to the understanding of the political animal.  Why they choose to run and why they don't.  No matter who wins the Republican nomination, look for an inconsequential vice presidential choice.  Everyone touts Marco Rubio, but why would he want to tie himself to a weak presidential candidate while the others are sitting on the sidelines waiting for 2016?

Or are they?  Are they just too afraid of the challenge of the job and the personal persecution from the press that comes with it? It's much easier to sit on that sideline and criticize.  Heaven knows enough us do it. But then we're not politicians nor leaders, merely citizens looking for leaders. If  those who were thought to be the better men for the job won't step up to the plate we're doomed as a country.  That's a stance that encourages grabs for power, imperial presidencies,  shunning the constitution and eventually dictatorships.

We couldn't possibly be on that road.  Could we?


Word Tosser said...

I think those on the sideline, Bush, Christie and etc.. don't want any part of this ecomony and world problems.. they don't have a clue how to make it better. Neither do those who are running and that is why there isn't any one standing out among those the Republicans have thrown out there.
Also they say that there are a lot of Democrats who are not happy with Obama, yet no one runs against him.. so their convention should be over in a day or two, right?
So far, there is not one man or woman that we can stand up and say.. that is the one I want to win on either side. but maybe after last time we are all gun shy.

Margie's Musings said...

I hope not, Mari. I would never fit into a dictorship society.

No, none of the Republican candidates will win the election. They are just too far out...all of them...for one reason or another. It will be Obama for another term. It could be worse. Imagine the mess the country would be in if for some far out reason one of the Republican candidates did win.

Anonymous said...

Wish a sensible voice like yours was in the field of choices this year. The independents would then have someone to actually sit up straight and pay attention to, rather than choosing the less of "two evils" later this Fall. Where's a good and decent man like Clint Eastwood when you need him.