Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Beware The Tea Party Darlings

The Republican Party has lost it's identity to the Tea Party and hasn't a clue what to do.

More and more so called Republicans are turning away from the moderates in their own party in an on going and effective effort to reshape the GOP into one of far right conservatism.  Whatever conservatism is these days.

If that isn't reason for a viable third party I don't know what is.

It has happened again in Texas where a darling of the Tea Party beat a more moderate opponent in a runoff for Kay Bailey Hutchisons's Senate seat. I question the stance of any candidate that has the active support of Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Glenn Beck and Jim DeMint. Why is that?  Because they are all far right and by some considered to be on the fringe.  In some respects they want to intrude into your life just as much as the Democrats only with religious dictates rather than governmental.  Family values.  On their terms.  Not yours.

We've seen from the 2010 elections what happens when people with an ideology and an inability or unwillingness to think about what's best for the country and act accordingly are voted into office. Analyze and compromise are not in their vocabularies.

We hear a great deal about true conservatives without a firm definition.  We hear a great deal about wanting to take back our country but is electing the inflexible really the way to do it?

Granted many Republicans who have been turned out of office have been there too long.  However, these new nominees and electees are not the one man wonders they are made out to be.  They begin their terms with no seniority which minimizes their clout from the get go.  They alone, as one person, will not bring new leadership for years to come, nor shrink government, nor give it back to the people,  especially by refusing to compromise.

Stuart Rothenberg, editor of the nonpartisan Rothenberg Report, had this to say about the candidate I'm referring to, Ted Cruz. "...Cruz is not willing to compromise even if it means being irrelevant to the legislative process."

Read that again.  What's the point of electing a man like that to...well, legislate?

Isn't it time to cut the Tea Partiers loose?  They serve no purpose other than obstruction.  Like spoiled children, if things aren't the way they want them they throw the equivalent of a tantrum.  It's no way to run a country.  Actually, they aren't running the country at all except maybe into the ground. Is there anyone in office who is actually for the country in either party?


Margie's Musings said...

I agree. And the entire tea party mess is financed by the Koch brothers of Wichita, Kansas who have their own agenda.

John Dwyer said...

You might want to read the book "The Big Sort" to understand what is going on. Many political groupings are carried consistently by 20% or more by one party or the other (called landslide counties). Hence the primary becomes the election and the candidate must appeal to the radical fringe to carry the primary.