Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why Bother?

I've really been dogging it lately when it comes to posting.  Not that there hasn't been a lot to comment about.  I'm just wondering why bother. Especially when it comes to our government and the political scene in general.  It's what I write about mostly and nothing is going to change.

Consider, this fiscal cliff deal.  After the people have complained for years that we're tired of the acrimony in Congress, has it changed any?  No. Two days are left before they may or may not throw together one more shoddy plan kicking the problem down the road one more time in any event.  Another "we'll have to pass it to see what's in it" deal no doubt.

For this they, along with all federal workers, are going to get a raise by Presidential decree.  We have all missed our calling if our goal was great pay, Cadillac benefits and darn little work. This is apparently the President's idea of redistribution.  Take it from us and give it to them.

They are so prone to over reactions and just plain wrong reactions yet we're actually beginning to buy into them.  The fiscal cliff isn't going to kill us.  It won't happen over night, number one and protracting something out over 10 years isn't ever likely to happen anyway.  Taxes are going up.  Period.  Obamacare for one. Spending will not go down in any significant manner as long as Obama is President.  The debt ceiling will continue to rise.

Then there is the current flurry of anxiety over gun laws.  I'm no huge fan of guns but I'm not against them either. But having to be seen doing something they're ignoring the health issue and the culture of violence, as in video games; talking tough on guns is so much easier.

Let's face it.  If they can't get their act together to undo a 1949 statute that now puts the price of milk into a precarious position, why should we expect them to do anything else in a timely manner?  They won't.

I listen to the talking heads interviewing politicians on their programs.  Often asked is why they aren't doing their jobs.  The usual answer is it's the other guys fault.  Everything operates in crisis mode if at all.

So I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing I nor anyone else can say or do that will change how government works.  Besides, we're so substantive that our petitions on the White House site seem to care more about whether or not David Gregory is arrested for having an empty gun magazine on his show or deporting Piers Morgan because we don't like his view on our gun laws.  On such depends the future of our country.

I'm feeling every bit as old as Father Time these days and I have no faith in the Baby New Year.  My heros are fast disappearing - the Norman Schwartzkoffs and Robert Borks of the world. I have no desire to go along to get along when I know I can be the best. We've lost that personal pride somewhere along the way.   Sure it exists in individuals here and there, but it doesn't exist in our nation as a whole .

We've settled for mediocrity as a standard and the mediocre as our standard bearers.  But of course it's not my fault.  It's yours.

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Margie's Musings said...

I understand, Mari. I too am disgusted with Congress and the only thing we can do is vote them out and put some new folks with brains in.