Sunday, December 30, 2012

Parenting Counts

This morning I was reading about the phenomenal success of the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback, Robert Griffin III. For a 22 year old, it read, he shows a surprising maturity that enhances an enormous talent.  Indeed.

It occurred to me if we as a people would get back to the basics, the country may yet rebound. The basics being parenting. Mr. Griffin was an army brat, if you will, hailing from a two parent family.  Both were Army sergeants and his upbringing was a reflection of their Army discipline.  I don't mean in the way of punishment, but in the pursuit of excellence.

Young Mr. Griffin went on to attend Baylor University graduating with a BA in political science with a 3.67 grade point before embarking on a Master's program in communications.  That he won the Heisman Trophy and went on to NFL success is in many ways beside the point.  I believe he would succeed at anything.

That brings me to the story of a group of young men from the San Diego area known as the Burrito Boys.  They are 13 and 14 year old friends who have made quite a name for themselves for delivering burritos to the homeless every Sunday morning for the past couple of years.

It isn't an idea the boys came up with themselves, but the result of an over the top Christmas wish list that included iPods, the latest in cell phones and so forth.  Nothing unusual for youngsters of that age this day and age.

The parents said whoa!  It's time for a life lesson here. Greed isn't good! So the parents whipped up a batch of breakfast burritos, gathered the boys and headed for the homeless. The venture has evolved from two to seven boys along with the support of their parents, business people and a full fledged non-profit.  The bounty for the homeless has grown from burritos to include everything from books to clothing to tarps and even treats for the dogs. One 14 year old vows they will continue the effort for as long as they are able.

Both are feel good stories.  Both showcase the exceptionalism that can exist among our youth.  Both are because the parents took their responsibilities seriously.  They parented.

The stories may belong to the boys but the credit belongs to the parents.  May there be multitudes of them among us.

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