Thursday, February 06, 2014

Call A Time Out!

When the quarterback doesn't like what he sees on the field, he calls a time out rather than muff a play.  It doesn't always work, but least it gives him time to look at the options.

We need that now in Washington.  I haven't posted much because trying to sort out all that's going on is so muddled its hard to make sense of any of it.  Since Congress loves their recesses so much I'm suggesting they take one now until after the 2014 mid-terms.

This would give the Democrats plenty of time to run from the President.  It would give the Republicans time to sort out their differences and it would give the President time to get a clue as to what's going on around him.  It would also give the voter a chance to decide just what kind of country they want going forward.

What wouldn't happen if they did this? There would be no rushed legislation. There would be no threat of a government shut down over raising the debt ceiling. The pundits could save their collective breaths.  The media could continue their vacation from the truth yet do no harm.

What would happen if Washington was vacated?  Pretty much the same as if they stayed in town actually.  The Syrians will still have the bulk of their chemical weapons.  The Syrian civil war will continue with the radical Islamists continuing to strengthen their toehold.

Iran will continue inching closer to their nuke. Afghanistan will have a new President.  We know not who  it will be nor what he will represent.  More of our soldiers will perish. Iraq will continue it's backward slide.

The economies in China and Russia will continue to stumble. The Keystone pipeline will still not be given approval.  The IRS investigations will still not have taken place.  What happened in Benghazi will still not be known. The ACA will be an even bigger mess than it is already. Immigration will still not be sorted out. Fracking will remain an issue.

The Tea Party will still be sniping at establishment Republicans and progressives will still be sniping at establishment Democrats.  The President will still be touring the world giving speeches no one wants to hear.  The unions will still be disillusioned.

See?  We really don't need them in Washington. They don't seem to do much.  Those pesky regulations that come out of Washington are coming from cabinet level pols so maybe they could leave town too.

If the same bunch comes back after the election, we will have spoken.  We're satisfied with becoming a European style socialist nation.  No pride.  No ambition.  No glory in winning nor willing to try harder if one loses.  Happy with government handouts.  More free time because we have health care and no money with which to enjoy it.

On the other hand, if there are a bunch of new faces, I'll take it as an encouraging sign. That the status quo is not acceptable.  That we looked to elect those who believe in what our forefathers foresaw the country to be.

It doesn't mean that the Olympics will go smoothly nor the fighting gets no worse nor that jobs appear out of nowhere.  It just means that Washington, for a short but blissful period of time, would have no hand in it.  Therein lies the difference. Especially considering that with their hand in things nothing gets any better anyway.

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