Monday, February 10, 2014

Disincentive to Work? Not In My World

In my world the receipt or lack there of a subsidy to make health care more affordable would never make me leave a job nor can I believe it would for a great number of people. The administration, however, apparently doesn't believe the American people have any work ethic left.

The administration would have us believe 2 million or so jobs are going to go begging because the subsidy is more attractive than earning a decent wage.  The jobs, of course, will still be there.  It's just that people won't take them because they may lose that subsidy.  There was a time when this would have been laughable.

Of course had the health care law done what it was supposed to, it wouldn't even be an issue, but it has gotten so confusing no one is sure just what it will or won't do.  Now it's up to what the people will or won't do.

Claiming that it's a good thing, this disincentive to work, because it will allow one to pursue dreams otherwise unavailable to them because health care is out of reach. It still is for those this law was meant to help.  For most of us everything was pretty good until the government and the insurance companies decided to meddle.  How it will all shake out remains to be seen.

One thing the argument hasn't addressed, however, is how are these people who are so inclined to take a workers holiday going to live?  How will they put food on their tables, pay their rent or mortgages,  or put gas their cars? We tax payers have only so much and even the Fed may decide free money is no longer in our best interest. One can dream. It's about all I have left.

Of course the government will take care of all that in due time. They'll come back and make unemployment benefits permanent and depending on your salary level, that will be all you need.  If you want more they'll no doubt come up with a subsidy to make up the difference between the salary you could have earned and your unemployment.  Or welfare.  Instead of a work exchange program they'll subsidize a non-work exchange program.  You'll no longer have to buy groceries.  Food stamps, or whatever the politically correct term for them is, will cover your every need including alcohol as medicinal and pot because we'll need something to forget what a sorry state of dependency we've allowed ourselves to fall into.

Neither the administration nor the media is explaining this latest challenge to cultural stability accurately.  We're left to figure it out for ourselves.  Out of one side of their mouths comes the cry for jobs so the economy along with our standard of living can get back on track.  Out of the other comes the cry to not take them even if they're created or lose that subsidy for health care which you used to have and which used to be affordable.  No wonder people are confused.

We're living through the transition from exceptionalism and world leadership to dependency and burying our heads in the sand.  We're not even leading from behind any more.  We're just behind.  There is no leadership involved.

Please assure me only those who actually follow the news are falling prey to the propaganda of the vultures that would devour us and that the rest of the country is too busy trying to be enterprising to take notice.  Please let them succeed and turn their backs on handouts.

There is still a lot to be said for the self-made.  Some things like the pride of accomplishment and a job well done. If we lose that we've lost it all.  Not a hand out in the world will get it back.

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