Monday, December 19, 2016

Finally, It's Over!

Okay, it's official now.  Trump got his electoral votes and the fat lady is singing - even if it's the blues.

Now, let's get on with trying to make this President-elect and his administration successful.

I've got acquaintances on Facebook who are ordinarily sane, open minded people except for politics.  That they are still woeing about is beyond my comprehension.  I felt the same as they did when Obama won his second term but I certainly didn't behave in the same manner.

I just watched and hoped he'd not make things worse than they already were.  I don't think it's the kind of hope Michelle complained about to Oprah though.  I knew the country would survive even if it was on hold for another four years.

That's over and done with now - or very soon.  I haven't a clue how good of a president Trump will be but honestly, I think he'll do okay.  He has brought in bright, accomplished people and placed them in their areas of expertise.  That's new.  And to me hopeful.

If the Hollywood types and the students who have shown they know little and seem unwilling to research and learn will go back to where ever it is they came from and let the country with it's new administration get on with business.

Those who threaten to leave never do.  Why? Becausy they know there is no other country where they will have it better.  So get up off your knees during the national anthem, lower your non-sensical protest signs and get with it.

America can be greater than it is but it's policies and the attitudes of many of its citizens need some tweaking.  It's time to give Trump a chance to do just that.  

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Word Tosser said...

I agree... although I was surprised it isn't completely over.. it seems that Congress on January 6th will count the votes from the electoral voting.. why I don't know.. just seems to drag it out.
On the other.. why ae so many people so flaming upset.. when they don't know what is going to happen. They are seer's are they .. those who can see the future.. Like you said, 8 year ago we were all going to be doomed with the incoming of Obama.. yet we seemed to survive.. just as we did when they were screaming about the peanut farmer (Carter) who didn't do any damage like they thought.
I tell my kids to no to borrow trouble.. meaning don't work about what hasn't happen yet.. Bot only is it a waste of time, but 90% of the time it never happens.. So like you, I am in the wait and see what happens mode.