Thursday, November 18, 2010

Should Hillary Cut And Run?

Cut and run could mean two adding up to one! Cut and run from the abysmal foreign policy record of the Obama administration or cut, and run for President.

I have to give Hillary credit, though from appearences it's taking it's toll, for being the good soldier and following the dictates from Obama. It's an interesting dilemma for her. Though she's said she isn't going to run, given the right circumstances I think she might. One would be if Russ Feingold challenges Obama from the left, Hillary could jump in and challenge him from the right - as far right as a Democrat would go.

The other might be if Sarah Palin actually throws her hat in the ring, which seems more and more likely. I think Hillary might find cause for a challenge because I think she'd still like to be the first female President and would loath relinguishing it to Sarah Palin. Unless things change an awful lot in the next two years, Obama will be vunerable.

The issue is what to do about her current job. It isn't going all that well. As was made obvious during Obama's recent foray out into the world, no one wants to do things his way. He's viewed as weak - and worse, wrong.

For Hillary to stay and do his bidding doesn't help her credability. Foreign policy by bribery doesn't cut it. It's a well known fact that's how much of our war in Afghanistan is being waged as was the previous effort in Iraq. Pay the war lords and they'll work with us as long as the Taliban or al Qaeda doesn't pay more. When they do. Oh well.

Yesterday the Financial TImes reported on our latest bribery scheme. This time with our vaunted ally Israel. The peace talks are once more stymied over the issue of settlements in the West Bank. Netanyahu is blythly waiting to see what he can get this go round.

Here we go. The U.S. is demanding a 90 day settlement freeze for negotiations to take place. To get that we would agree to veto any anti-Israeli resolutions in the UN security council, plus provide 20 F-35 fighters to the Israeli air force plus deliver another pre-ordered 20 at no cost. All this to get 90 days to negotiate the issue!

One F-35 costs $113 million. Times 40 equals $4,520,000,000. Talk is certainly not cheap!

If I were Netayahu I'd take it, talk for awhile then resume building to see what else might be put on the table. I don't know, it's just my opinion, but pouring so many of our resources into a squabble that's never going to end seems foolhardy. Neither side wants peace as we envision it.

If Hillary wants a legacy of success she isn't going to get it as Secretary of State in this administration. If she's wise she'll consider the cut and run option - or cut, and run.

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Margie's Musings said...

I had intended to vote for Hillary myself. Obama was a compromise for me.

We need to stop supporting Israel in their unreasonable demands. They need to share that land since it was centuries ago since they actually owned any of it. One of the primary reasons why we have the Muslim Taliban world against us is our support of Israel through everything they have done. They need to stop acting like they won the world.

Then there's also the fact that we have "infidels" on the holy land of Islam.

There are a host of reasons for their hostility, not the least of which was our walking away from them after supporting them with billions of dollars when they were fighting the Soviet Union for us.

Lets face it, anyone who actually reads history knows we have always had egg on our face while we protest we are a special country.

Think of the Philippines, for example...or Vietnam...

No, I would vote for Hillary if she ran. She has a good brain and she's tough, but she's also a good negotiator.